Which is better? Eating breakfast before or after exercise?

Isolete O.
I practise intermittent fasting, so I skip breakfast. I loved breakfast when I used to eat it and I usually did that before exercising so my organism wouldn’t have to digest and sweat at the same time.
Logan O.
I’m not sure, I’m trying both to see what works. I think it’s up to personal preference. However, never eat less than 30 minutes before you exercise. You’ll get nauseous
Timeo E.
I think that eating after exercise is better, you feel like you have deserved the meal, and you are replenishing your body of the energy it has used up.
Brittany S.
It depends I think. Eating some before exercise gives you energy for your workout especially if you’re hungry but I find eating breakfast after exercise satisfying and refreshing.
Anna Q.
It is better to eat breakfast after you exercise. If you eat before, the exercise could upset your stomach, and you could throw up. Also, exercise tends to make people hungry, so you’ll have a bigger appetite after exercising.
Hip Lito I.
I don’t think it really matters, but I prefer to eat before so I have the energy and strength to start my day with a great workout!