is it good to drink water while exercising

Jocieri S.
It depends on what activity I'm doing. If I'm going to do yoga, I try not to drink a lot because it interferes with some of my poses. If I'm having a leg or arm day, or cardio, I'll definitely drink while I'm moving.
Crystal Z.
Small sips. Gulping can cause throwing up as you work. Don't gulp right after. Ice water can cause puking your body is hot and it takes more energy to change it, it's a shock. Drinking good water n a sports drink post workout with a banana is better
Romane N.
I have a water bottle ready when I'm doing cardio.if I'm doing yoga, I'll wait to hydrate so i can perform my stretches without a belly full of water!
Rog Rio S.
It's good provided that you don't drink too much, because a lot of liquid inside stomach while exercising will get you a stomach ache.
Irene Z.
Drinking water during an exercise is not the most convenient. Your body is tense and leading blood away from your organs so they stop certain processes, like your digestive tract. These only work efficiently in a zero stress environment. That's why lions do not eat their hunt on the spot but take it somewhere to calm down and then eat it. If you are feeling thirsty during an exercise it could indicate you drink too little in the rest of the day. Flushing your mouth with water and spitting it out works too, and you can drink small amounts to hydrate your mouth. If it's an recurring issue you can also chew gum while working out.
Louanne Z.
Yes, just make sure not to drink too much during your workout (especially if it envolves aerobic exercises), but you should definitely hydrate yourself before, during and after your training. Cheers!
Cl A T.
I think that it is good to drink water while exercising, because it should be fun and being thirsty is not really fun and it makes you feel weak.
Florence O.
Drinking water is good for you no matter what time. If you get really tired and sweaty while exercising, you get dehydrated. After every exersize, take a 1 minute to drink water, that way you'll be replenished and can get back to being fit! Dont chug the water, just sips because you could puke if too much activity.
Aurelino Q.
I think it's good to drink water before and after exercising, but not during the exercise, unless you're exercising for a long time.
Ken S.
It is important to hydrate before, during & after exercise. How much depends on your intensity level and if you are exercising outside, the humidity & temperature. A general guideline is a 8-10 oz every 15 minutes. Good luck!
Emma J.
Hydration is always important but especially during a work out. Now the key to hydration is keeping yourself hydrated, meaning you need to drink before your mouth is dry. That's because the body needs some time absorbing it. So before you work out (about 1-2 hours before) drink alot of water, drink SOME during your workout, and drink alot after.
Kevin U.
Yes! It keeps you hydrated! The last thing you want to do is work up an sweat and end up collapsing due to dehydration or cutting your work out short because you feel faint.

Make sure to eat good fats and proteins before and after too.

Isaiah N.
It depends on how hot and humid it is, how intensely you’re exercising, and for how long. It’s a good idea tone wll hydrated when you start and to have more water available.
Kathleen E.
If you’re exercising and sweating, definitely. I’d say make sure you drink water 30-45 minutes after you start, unless you get thirsty before. In that case, drink when you’re thirsty!
Brittany O.
Is it good to breathe when working out? My point is that you should give your body what it needs and it will be healthy. Water cools your body and protects your joints and it replaces the electrolytes lost sweating (do you sweat ?)