How long is your morning exercise routine?

Angelica Maria
It depends on the day, sometimes is around 1 hour if we are just running but it can be as long as 3 hours when it comes to go to the gym

Marion Lopez
My exercise routine is about 5 minutes of yoga and then 3 minutes of core. It has helped me with my image and being more awake.

Faith Graham
I'm not used to a morning exercise routine. I've been keeping it between 5 to 15 minutes. I still do my regular excercises later in the day, such as a 3 mile brisk walk, aerial silks class, or 30 minutes of yoga.

Joshua Shulkind
I try to exercise on the morning but sometimes don’t have time and exercise later in the day, but I do get to it. I think it is probably under 10 minutes but more than 7. I need to work a little better on going to sleep earlier