I do not have a lot of time in the morning. Do you know an exercise routine that gets me started but doesn’t take to much time?

Lester C.
Yes, boxing. Boxing is an excellent beginnier's exercise that can build the muscles of the upper body, and generally, can be done anywhere at anytime(so long you don't scare people XD). Just don't forget to stretch before and after to minimize the pain.
Weronika W.
Quick yoga stretch: cow cat, child pose, downward facing dog etc. Dance to the song you like. Go for a quick walk at walk stairs up and down. Do some jumping jacks, or sit ups. Anything counts 🙂
Jai F.
10min yoga stretch. Or simple press-ups. Jumping jacks is very high intensity for workout time. Skipping is great but I stick to 10min stretch, even if it's touching my toes and side bends
Tamara Z.
You can do squads while brushing your teeth or walk if your work isn’t far from where you live, you can also do some stretching poses while doing your breakfast. And if you can’t do any of those at home while in the office stretch in your chair or when you take a break do a few muscle relieving stress (bending over/shoulder moves/neck cracking/etc)
Yuvraj F.
I recommend starting with something small. A surefire way to slowly add increments is by starting small. Do 5 push-ups, 20 jumping Jack's, 20 squats. It won't take you more than a couple of minutes and you'll feel great!
Bodhi I.
Even on a very busy day, I can afford at least 10 minutes in which I can do "7 minute scientific workout". And if on some day I don't want to get tired I can do at least 5 minutes of stretching.
Eli E.
Just walk I always walking if I don’t have time or if I’m not in the mood to do workouts and also you can dance! Dancing is one of the greatest way to lose weight and exercise!
Pamela F.
5 exercises. Toe touches, run in place for 3-5 minutes, lay on back and lift right leg then left and then together. Work up to 25 times each.then stand arms above your head then down then touch your toes. That is all I do.
Kristin T.
When I’m short on time, I make exercise part of my morning routine — I dance around while I dry my hair, make breakfast, etc. 🙂
Corey C.
There are a lot of apps where you can find routines. One named "Cardio" you can pick the time of cardio and how much time do you have and it makes a routine for you to do.
Jennifer Q.
I do sun salutation yoga poses before I leave to work a 12hour shift. It only takes about 6 minutes and keeps me pain-free throughout the day. I do a longer workout (running, weightlifting, etc) on my days off. I think there is a Make Me Fabulous for sun salutations, also there is a 7 minute workout if you don't like yoga or want to alternate
Anwesha W.
You can use the 7M women app it is not just for women. The app provides you a compilation of excercises daily for just 7 mins. Go check it out
Beautiful N.
Before getting up, I do 50 crunches on my bed. I do as many jumping jacks before going to the restroom. I usually do 30-40 squats while I brush my teeth, wall sits while I put soap in my face and scrub, and as I brush my hair I try to do 30 lounges but sometimes that last exercise doesn’t work cause I get off balance😅then before I leave my restroom, I do 20-30 inclined pushups on my counter. It’s a small quick workout that gives me energy for the morning.