Is stretching or yoga considered exercise?

Alison E.
Definitely yes.
At present I am doing what’s called yoga 🧘‍♀️ burn. You do yoga with a resistance band and do cardio all in one. This is a really workout. I do it everyday as it helps to energise and set me up for the day!
Marion U.
Absolutely. Exercise does not mean cardio. Exercise is working your body in all different ways to build strength, health, and endurance. Yoga requires balance, core strength, focus, and helps stretch those muscles that become tight from lifting weights or doing cardio. I mixed in 1-2 yoga sessions with my other workouts every week.
Adrien S.

Yoga can be used in varies ways and teach you about muscles you didn't even know you had!

Whether you're trying to use it to unwind or jumpstart your day, or simply lose weight, yoga can help. Especially for toning muscles!

Karina G.
(Abs)olutley. You are stretching and toning your muscles. And building yourself to be flexible and balanced. Yoga does wonders.
Aurore Z.
I think yes, it's about the routine of moving in the morning, I don't have a lot of energy and I'm trying to fight the habit of just laying in bed with social media so even 4 rounds of welcoming the sun is much better. I'm alo dancing in my free time and I'm not trying to loose any weight so yoga is perfect for me.
Denise T.
Yes. I believe we should keep our bodies balanced. And stretching and yoga also give us the fondation to improve ourselves in every aspect. It makes us more aware of our body and also helps to relax , which is also very important. For me, yoga is a very complete way to workout. I am an athlete so this exercise is not enough but it helps a lot on my overall health, mood and focus.
Idal Cio Q.
Stretching can speed up your metabolism and make you healthier and live longer. I wouldn’t say it has all the benefits of an exercise due to your heart not pumping as hard as it would from let’s say a run or lifting weights, but it’s better than nothing. As for yoga I would definitely count that!
Romain T.
I think it is, the main thing is that you push yourself. There have been times when yoga class as really hard and I broke out a good sweat from it
Cecilie U.
I love yoga and it can work your body thoroughly using all muscle groups while connecting to your mind and breathing so that you are present in your body and acknowledging the moment. This allows you to understand how that movement makes you feel, is the muscle tight, does the action soothe? Are you present or going through the motions? Are you being mindful and intentional or using momentum to propel you?
Tilde G.
Yes. It depends on what your Yoga sequel you set for yourself
For me personally I love stretching the most because I get a chance to mediate.
Oc Ane Q.
Yes, all movement is exercise. Find what works for you, what suits your body, what suits your mind, what suits your soul.
Pablo Z.
Yes, it is, to me, because exercise is about making your body stronger and more flexible, and stretching and yoga does just that.
Arron Q.
Certainly. Depending on how out-of-shape a person is, that might be the most their body can handle at first before they try something more ambitious.
Dwayne J.
Pretty sure it is. In both you can choose how active you are. Especially with yoga. You have to do just right amount of it)
Craig S.
Yoga is considered exercise as it is physically demanding to the level you would like to do it to. It also has a whole lot of other benefits like it makes you mindful of your body, your breath and you learn to focus your mind.
Kasper W.
Yes. Yoga poses stretch your muscles and increase your range of motion. Yoga isn't considered aerobic exercise, but the more athletic varieties, like power yoga, will make you sweat. And even though yoga is not aerobic, some research finds it can be just as good as aerobic exercise for improving health.
Hannah C.
Yes. It increases core strength, flexibility and muscle tone. It's also great as an adjunct for mental health because it teaches body awareness and ownership of sensation.
Richard O.
Yoga yes! Ashtanga is a good form if you’re trying to get a bit of aerobic exercise in and tone up. I wouldn’t consider stretching exercise, but definitely a necessary supplement. Thanks for reminding me – I need to stretch more!
Mya O.
Of course. Any type of way to get moving and your heart pumping is a great exercise. It's great to exercise any way that motivates you or excites you to keep going.
Ethan F.
I think, more importantly, you should ask yourself if stretching or yoga will help you get to a place where you will exercise more. While it may not have the same benefits as something like running or high intensity training, if it's an easier goal for you to stretch or do yoga, go for it. I've found that once you really get into the habit of something like that, it becomes easier to add to it or change it altogether to make it more challenging – and in the meantime, you'll be improving your flexibility and doing something that engages you physically. So win win
Hinrich U.
Yes – any type of movement is considered exercise. In fact – 5 minutes of stretching is considered as excellent a habit for rising up.
Alison E.
Absolutely. It gets your body moving and wakes you up in the morning. Stretching is so so good for our bodies and it is important to keep our bodies limber.
Harry Q.
Yes. You're engaging muscles all over the body in a way that will strengthen them, which leads to the same benefits as many other exercises. Yoga has the benefit of being low impact so your joints and ligaments don't suffer as much as they would with other types of exercise. Yoga also brings piece and serenity to your mind as you complete your practice, which is good for your mental health and physic well-being.
Ralph P.
I would say yes! Im just starting to add exercise into my morning routine so I'm starting light and small. Once it becomes a more stable habit I will start gradually doing more. Just gotta do it at your own pace.
Raul F.
Yes it is. It’s moving your body and is beneficial for physical and mental health. Not all exercise has to be cardio etc
Dick P.
Yes! It works out and tones your muscles. You don't have to go hard to get a desired body- just push yourself to your abilities and beyond that. Yoga could be a plank for 2 minutes – that definitely shows results AND make you feel good about pushing through the pain.
Christian Y.
Stretching is typically a warm up, but yoga can definitely be an exercise depending on the style and intensity of the flow. Yoga can be good for elevating the heart rate with a sun salutation, and it can be good for building muscle with poses meant for strength.
Ben S.
Yes depending on your goals if they are around functional movement and stability. Including cardio respiratory fitness is critical.
Burkard E.
Yes. They may not get your heart rate up (or maybe they do), but they will improve your range of motion, flexibility, and general wellbeing which can make a marked difference in your health.
Anne Z.
Stretching is something you should do before or after an exercise. Maybe one day you stretch then you exercise. And maybe another day you do yoga. Yoga can be considered as stretching too. It’s a good way to start off the day!
Alison E.
Yes, I believe so. I mean what is the actual definition of exercise? It can really be any considered activity done with intent for a specific purpose. So whatever the activity—I suppose it must involve movement; you wouldn’t call playing chess exercise, but housework could be considered exercise!
Ann Z.
Stretching or yoga don’t move the body enough to burn very many calories, and shouldn’t necessarily be the only exercise you partaken in. However, stretching is very important to protect yourself from injury while exercising, and yoga can massively improve your flexibility, balance, discipline, and overall mental state, which also aids in exercise. And even if stretching is the only thing you have time for, getting the body moving just a little bit is way better than nothing at all.
Lukas Q.
Absolutely! As long as you are moving your body consciously! Yoga is great for dealing with anxiety and building a balanced, flexible and strong body!
Joyce J.
yes. i believe that anything that gets your body moving and feeling good should be considered an exercise and yoga or stretching does just that.
Marcus W.
It still accomplishes the same goal of stimulating blood flow throughout the body. The gains are just different. Flexibility vs muscle
Marcus T.
I believe that yoga can be an exercise it burns calories and has difficult poses. Stretching I don’t believe is a workout because your are simply stretch out your muscles
Felix Y.
As a yoga teacher, I have to say, ‘yes!’ Yoga strengthens and increases flexibility. I’d add cardio to make it complete.
Caroline U.
I definitely think so. I think anything that gets you moving counts, it doesn't have to be high intensity to get your body in motion.
Lewis J.
Very much so, yoga and stretching are really good forms of movement, and they both are really good for the mind as well as the body. Yoga can be done in many different ways, so that it can either be long stretches, or it can be a total body workout, and be a fantastic workout at that. Both are also very energizing when done right after waking up and a great way to start the day in general
Ritthy U.
I think so, it all depends on your level of activity and what kind of excercise you are used to. I also believe is not only about moving the body which is very important but also gives you the chance to do breathing excercises while you work out.
Laura G.
Yoga is considered a form of light, low impact exercise. There are many different styles of yoga, some of which are more of a "workout" than others.
Jeff U.
I definitely think so. Stretching helps to tone muscles and ligaments and also assists circulatio, all of which are vital to performance.
Johnny Z.
I think that in the beginning of your routine, you stretch, and after that warmup, you could use it as an exercise. I personally think it varies person to person, some use it for both stretching and exercise, or some use it for just one over the other. Hope that helped!
Perry I.
No yoga is different from exercise. By doing yoga one's complete body is effected that is from inside to outside and it's imapct is deep.
Whereas by doing exercise one's muscle and bones are effected.
Katherine W.
I would like to believe anything that deals with movement our body considers “exercise”, while more rigorous actions can give better faster results; Yoga and Stretching can help start that workout if you would like. So in my opinion, yes.
Todd E.
Unless it's yin yoga, I would consider most flows as exercise. I would consider just stretching and yin yoga to be self care.
Emy I.
I’d say yoga yes, it gets your core going and muscles working. Stretching, not so much. I think of it as a separate category.
Onira P.
I would and do consider Yoga as exercise – the poses take strength and flexibility to do and while it is not cardio it still works muscles and exercises your muscles. Stretching is great as well to elongate your muscles and increase flexibility I generally don’t see this as the main exercise but more what goes before and after exercise
Ana S Q.
Yes, yes, yes! Even light stretching reduced your risk of injury throughout the day and warms up your muscles for the day ahead of you. It’s definitely the thing to do on a day that you’re not as motivated to exercise, or sore from a lot of exercise.
Wayne R.
Yeah sure,
There is not hard and fast rule for excercise
You should start with the things you like as fabulous app recommend play your favourite music when doing excercise

I started only with walk and now i can live without excercise

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Connor G.
I think yoga can definitely be low impact exercise. As long as you are doing poses that challenge you. A simple sun salutations tests the muscles. Stretching is a great warm up or cool down, but push yourself to do a few squats or lunges too. The app 8fit offers free short workouts at every level. Super novice includes marching on the spot. So it is amazing for beginners!
Derrick U.
There are many different types of yoga to practise. From mindfulness, healing emotional pain, healing physical pain, to strength, flexibility and weight loss. Yoga as excerise is usually best in conjunction with cardio and weight training. It is also great to ease back into exercise from injury or illness.
Ria X.
I stretch in the morning and don’t consider it exercise. I’ve never done yoga, but I’ve heard it can be strenuous, so maybe.
Ma Lyne T.
Yes. There are many health benefits to yoga. Improved flexibility, building lean muscle, and improved mindfulness are all benefits I’ve seen with my yoga practice. Sometimes going full out with exercise isn’t the best for you.
Othmar X.
Yes it is. With the right postitions/poses, stretching and yoga can help with muscle strength, balance and flexibility.