So I’ve started working out in the morning and I’m not sure if I should work out on weekends. What do you think?

Nathaniel C.
I'd make exercise a daily habit with gentle activity that doesn't feel like exercise, like a morning run or jog. I'd have rest days if I was working out with weights, to let my body recover, but CV exercise can be done daily. The body likes to move 🏃‍♂️

Aarushi N.
It really depends on how much you work out. If it’s only a small amount than sure! However if it’s a full workout it’s important to give yourself a break and rest

Sandra W.
Consistency is key to any workout plan. For me I workout every day and always do something, even if it is only a 30 minute bike cycling session.

Koi R.
You should probably workout on the weekends as well as on weekdays, but maybe do something to mix it up on the weekends with your workout routine like workout with a friend or switch up your routine a little bit.

Kasper U.
I personally would say a break is well deserved. If just started a 2 day break will be perfect and if further along a 1 day break will be just fine

German F.
If you feel like you need the extra workout nothing is wrong with that but make sure that you give your body time to rest so if you want to work out on the weekends during the week you should have 2 rest days just to restore yourself don't push too hard everything takes time.

Augustin F.
It’s important to have rest days as well so I’d just that on one of the days having a complete rest day with no exercise and the other do some low impact training like yoga or a walk something that moves your body and elevates your heartbeat a little but not too much to overwork your body

Jasmine U.
If your weekends are anything like mine then they are really relaxed and not much happens besides shopping and light cleaning. I find that I need a bit of exercise in the mornings to keep me sane and energised. Sometimes I am too tired after a week full of activity for me to do any exercise but, unlike other habits I try to understand and listen to what my body wants and don’t beat myself up for not completing it.

Sheila U.
Ofc u should it will only benefit you except the soreness ofc I'm doing the same thing just take a day to rest if u really need it I'm here with u we are gonna go this together have a good day