Why do you think exercising in the morning is so important for your day?

Jackie E.
It gives me more energy for the day, later in the day other things get in the way of exercising and there is a lovely peacefulness to being up early especially if you exercise outside
Grace U.
I strongly believe that exercising in the mornings gives me a boost of energy for the day. It also helps me managing the stress at work, so I can’t skip my morning routine. But don’t forget to have a great breakfast to complement your energy!
Morgane Q.
First just get it done, because the longer it waits until later in the day, the more chance I will have good excuses not to exercise. Second it creates an "empowered" context / being for me to live for the rest of the day.
Rita J.
Exercising in the morning help improve your concentration, it energies you and help you prepare for a better day and eventually improve your mood, it's also a way to make a good professional development and prospect.
Margie T.
I go back and forth on this. I am not a morning person. Getting my workout in certainly helps start my day off on the right foot with a sense of accomplishment and a burst of energy. On the flip side, getting moving in the morning can be tough and I find early to mid afternoon a better time for me most days.
Na L T.
I think working out in the morning kickstarts your day in a good way and gets you ready for what life may throw at you that day. Plus, if you workout in the morning, when you get home at night, all you have to do is relax.
Magnus Z.
For me, it allows me to get it done and know I have checked one thing off my to do list early. It’s not looming over my head with all the other things to do. I have also made sure to take care of myself early…. you can’t pour into others from an empty cup. 😉
Josefine C.
I feel like I've already accomplished something before I’ve even left my bedroom. I pay attention to myself before my other priorities for the day. I get to give myself a high five after I'm done, which is a nice silly way to start my day. I’m hoping to see progress (mainly in my flexibility) so starting my day with a visual representation of my progress will be encouraging. Also if I exercise in the morning I’m more likely to make better choices later.
Louis P.
It says that my day has begun. And it leads to, pushes to everything that's next.
It shakes off the day before, especially if you have had the chance to relax with friends and beverages.
What I have never done before is now actually an indispensable part of every day regardless of where I am or whom I am with.
Joanne J.
Gets my energy levels up and makes me feel positive with the endorphins that kick in. Also starts my day easily with a task I can tick off – a sense of achievement to set the times for the day. Gets my body in active mode to sustain me through the rest of the day. Makes sure I get some exercise done for my fitness and health as I cod easily get distracted later in the day.
Cursino Q.
It is important for my health, fitness, and well-being. It is enlivening and improved my mood, as well as creating a sense of strength and accomplishment. And it doesn't get lost in the rest of the day's busyness of I get it done before work and everything else.
Marcus F.
The fabulous peeps may disagree with me on this but, honestly, I don’t think it is so important—especially in the beginning. Many times I’ve given myself an excuse not to work out once the morning has passed because it was my goal to work out in the morning. Right now since I am just starting out, I allow myself to work out at any time of day. Even if it’s not morning, it’s okay, because the main thing is that I work out period. Eventually, once I you get more used to it, it’s best to do it in the morning so your metabolism stays elevated for the whole day.
Madalena S.
Exercising in the morning basically means starting off your day with a healthy habit that keeps you fresh throughout the day.
I personally think that when you exercise in the mornings you start off your day with an energizing activity it might not only help your physical health but your mental health at the same time.
Russell J.
I gives me energy, its healthy but most of all – even a tiny bit of workout when not liking it per se gives me motivation and makes me more active and gives me the stamina to take better decisions the rest of the day
Math O Y.
I accomplish my movements in the morning before I am awake enough to begin analyzing and finding ways to logically push back moving later. Until it is not done.
Christin U.
Several reasons…
It puts me in a good mood
It’s one of the hardest things to do so it’s best to get it out of the way.
It’s a feeling of accomplishment before the day really starts.
And for me, Everything else throughout the day feels easier to deal with.
Because I think – if I’ve just exerted myself like that. I can do anything 🙂
Clarisse C.
I think exercising in the morning is good because I expend all my blood sugar. I put in up to a 45 minute run before eating anything.
Reginald Z.
I am not so sure about all the benefits, but what I have notice is that I have a lot more energy throughout the day and I dont feel drowsy after waking up.
Albrecht T.
Or fires up my motivation and releases endorphins that makes me more engaged for the day. It also ups my metabolism, assisting in fat loss and putting me in ketosis.
Kirk T.
To start your day energized and to get metabolism going. First thing in the morning is good to complete it and get it done!
Terry P.
It keeps you healthy mentally and is an energizing way to start your day. You also feel achieved if it’s the first thing you do in a day
K Thi P.
It helps to wake me up, and makes me more alert for the day. Though it’s hard to start, I always am glad I did it— feel better for the rest of the day!!
Magnus Z.
Because i think it likes a switch of your body’s generator which will help you to refresh your mind, muscle and emotion.
Yann O.
If I can make the commitment leave my comfy bed and get that morning boost of endorphins , I feel better the rest of the day. I start with a win and know that no matter what I did something good today.
Faustine N.
I liked the explanation that it’s because you have more control of your morning than any other part of your day. Also probs cause it gets you in the right mindset. Gets all the aggression out early lol
Florian P.
You should start your day with doing the hardest thing. It all gets easier after.
Seconds thing is endorphins in the morning. They really help!
Clara E.
Because exercizing is energizing and is a great way to make sure you are healthy because ur fisical health is just as importante as you mental health and making sure you do even the smallest amount of streching can really Help. Besides it can be a quick exercise for people with no time or long for people who have a LOT of time.
Oscar O.
It really wakes me up and have me feeling good for the day. I feel like I start my day doing something healthy and staying up beat. I actually have a reason to have a good breakfast because I get hungry afterwards and plus I want to live longer. Successful people prioritize exercise in the mornings I feel like it.
Mariana Y.
I don’t. Formally exercising at a time when I can, once a day, reminds my body that moving more in general , throughout the day, feels good and is sustaining to health and a sense of well-being. I like to take ‘moving ‘ breaks to keep me from sitting for too long a time.
Valentin A.
For me, exercising in the morning works well, because if I don’t do it in the morning, everything else gets in the way. So it doesn’t get done at all. Other benefits are: increases your energy throughout the day, can help you focus, can boost your mood, some workouts continue to burn calories into the day, and some studies have shown that exercising in a faster state for a short period of time burns more fat.