What kind of exercise can I do all morning? and what can I do to distract myself?

Visnja Q.
For the exercise, i always do a yoga strech. It really boost's my energy. If you are distracted by your phone, put it in another room. It's best for you to explore and find what is best for you!☺️
Caitlin Z.
I like to stretch in the morning, so my muscles don't feel tight all day. Not quite sure what you mean by distracting, but maybe listen to music while you do it?
Eloise Y.
any exercise that makes you feel good about yourself is a good workout. Getting your heart pumping and your body warm is a great feeling you get for pushing yourself beyond your limits

I distract myself either crocheting, drawing or exercise. I need to distract myself pretty much everyday from overthinking, annoying people and annoying myself and I find that drawing it crocheting is the perfect way for me be to distracted

T O Q.
Take a lengthy walk or do a long guided yoga routine from YouTube, in terms of distraction, I've found reading is a great for getting you're mind to focus!
Galilea N.
In the morning it’s better to do an easy exercise such as yoga or going for a walk considering we can barely get up in the morning and something you can do to distract yourself would be cleaning your room, preparing a healthy snack or going outside
Rita Z.
I usually do yoga exercise and you can distract yourself by reading, listening to good music and watching videos on youtube