Recommendations for quick healthy breakfast on the go or at home?

Jeffrey P.
I live an intermittent fasting lifestyle. It takes a very
Commuter person looking to charge their life. I suggest you read into it and try it for a few days. It’s not constant fasting. It creates incredible health benefits, mental clarity? Stimulates creativity and ends procrastination and laziness. It’s up to you.
Larissa Q.
I would say try making something like homemade granola bars, or premaking smoothie packs to just toss in the blender with your favorite milk if you need to be quick. My staple is eggs and toast with some leafy greens in the morning, because it keeps me full till lunch around one.
Felicia Y.
Try making different versions of chia pudding or over night oats. Everything is prepared & made the night before then in the morning you have a quick breakfast or a grab & go breakfast.
Kasper F.
A tablespoon of flax seeds, frozen banana and your choice of milk (eg dairy, nut etc) is quick, delicious, healthy and can be eaten on the run.
Linda F.
I make a breakfast quesadilla. I saute ham garlic broccoli and then I scramble it an egg. I put it in a flour tortilla with cheese. I put it on the panini maker and it's delicious. You could probably make it with chickYou could probably make it with chicke or leave the meat out all together
Sascha M.
This does to an extent depend upon your goals and diet.

Dairy free, portable options for which you can easily keep ingredients on hand:
– Bagel thin with peanut butter and sunflower seeds
– oatmeal with various toppings
– smoked salmon with avocado

Maril Ia Z.
For a quick filling breakfast I usually have oatmeal but that might not fill everyone up so a bannana, apple, or really any fruit is quite filling and also very healthy.
Anton P.
Greek yogurt with mixed nuts and grapes, raspberries and blueberries is my go to for a quick breakfast
Or even quicker just a portion of mixed nuts
Mirja F.
Better to have breakfast at home. Our mind can't pay full attention to the food if we're walking or doing another thing. Also, having breakfast at home will be more relaxing, because you won't be overstimulated with noise etc.
Cl Mentine S.
I just make myself 3 scrambled eggs most mornings. But you could cook them ahead of time in muffin trays and store them in the fridge.
Becky T.
Bulletproof coffee.
2 TBSP grass fed butter.
1 TBSP MCT oil (start at 1 tsp and work your way up as your stomach gets used to it).
1 scoop of collagen protein. Blend. Enjoy.
Gilbert G.
A smoothie if I need to leave home early.. Or just egg and some cheese with a coffee if Am home but no time for Big Breakfast
Ma L O.
I have recently tried to eat granola with dried strawberries and vanilla yoghurt. (I have yoghurt because I don't like milk but you can use milk if you prefer)
Willie F.
Hi a smoothie is a great quick healthy breakfast. A scoop of yogurt, fruit, greens, protein powder, half banana and coconut water. Enjoy!
James E.
Overnight oats (rolled) or oats mixed with yoghurt (preferably plant), honey, wallnuts and blueberries. Very quick, filling, full of nutrients and delicious. Smoothies is another great option.
Edit X.
On the go, I like to drink Breakfast Essential shakes. They're full of vitamins and protein so they give me the nutrients I need and keep me full for longer. At home, I like to make scrambled eggs with turkey and a little bit of cheese. I also add hot sauce to add some flavor. I have a calcium deficiency so the cheese and milk in the eggs help with that, then the turkey adds extra protein to keep me full.
Heinz Werner X.
Since I get up early U always have time for breakfast. I have no suggestions for an in the go breakfast. I am retired and get up early.
Alvino Y.
I like to throw together Greek yogurt, fruit, granola and nuts in a Tupperware. Or I’ll make a smoothie with protein powder.
Wyatt Z.
Lately I have been eating boiled eggs when I am in a hurry. You can boil a batch at a time and then grab and go in the mornings.