What do you do to keep fit? I drink smoothies and lift weights.

Fatema X.
I walk regularly, I dance and lift weights. I fast 20:4 regularly and have reduced my sugar intake to almost Zero. I have quit alcohol all together. I am trying to sleep better and reduce my screen time. I watch my hydration and breathing.

Maddie T.
I make sure I am moving everyday and try to eat lots of fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods. I do some type of workout everyday and some stretching.

Janine N.
As soon as i wake up, i drink vitamins, then put on some sunscreen and start working out. I drink lots of water everyday, i try to eat fruits and vegetables everyday, and drink tea. I spare some time to watch some anime's/series a day. I play with my dogs. Listen to my favorite songs (i have a playlist “comfort”) to help me relax.