What kind of workouts do you like doing to stay in shape or keep the weight off?

Tracey J.
I like doing group exercises. But since I'm homebound these days with my kids, we either work out together or I do short intensive workouts.
Kelly O.
I don't exercise that much, and I'm trying to change that. I usually just do a 1-5 minute quick session to get moving. I do 5-10 pushups, some jumping jacks, just a bunch of easy, quick exercises.
Emilie A.
Because I like dancing, I bought access to figure 8 workout. It's fun, challenging and I look forward to mastering it over time. It has a daily assignment and the instructor is so positive it's infectious
Dennis U.
Step aerobics is my go-to workout. There are many videos for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels available on YouTube. You could check them out if you like
Zdenka X.
I do workouts that target specific areas of my body for each day. For example on Mondays I’ll do workouts that target my biceps, triceps, chest and shoulders. On Wednesday’s I’ll do specifically core exercises such as crunches, Russian twist, sit-ups. On Fridays and Saturday’s I dedicate those days to full body workouts. I do work out six days a week for 1 hour and I do cardio on all six days for 10-15 mins.
Stephanie E.
I like doing a short yoga session in the morning to stretch my body after after long hours of lying down. I feel flexible and nimble right after which is a great feeling first thing in the morning. I'm not a morning person so I like to gently glide into my day so intense exercises don't work for me. Yoga is a perfect way to get centered and set my intensions for the day. I like doing cardio and weights in the evening when I'm at my peak energy levels. This makes me push harder and longer.
Randy E.
🐌 Slow, which gradually elevates me from inside creating an impact to very being of me it's intensity burns out all of my worries, fat & calories and Stablish stability and energy in the very core of Me, These are Running, Stretching, Tai-Chi, Dancing especially Contemporary Dance form & Meditation too 😍😀😄
Daiani Z.
I’m not much of an outdoor person, and I can’t be sweaty for too long due to my skin condition, so I usually dance my weight away. Sometimes I would do dance covers of choreographies that i really love, sometimes I would just put my workout playlist on shuffle and freestyle. It’s really fun as music hypes u up hehe
Roberto B.
I mainly do f45 but I try to alternate with yoga or Pilates. My plan for 2019 is to exercise 6 days a week (just 1 day of rest).
Michelle T.
I like to swim in the morning before going to work.
Willie Y.
It depends on what my goals are, but weight loss is keeping a consistent, healthy diet and at least 3 days of a type of cardio or strength conditioning. You could run, bike, swim, use a stair master, maybe just take a yoga class, do HIIT, or do weight lifting. If you have time constraints, running for 10 to 15 minutes or doing a 20 minute HIIT routine are effective in having quick sessions that'll burn the fat off (if you keep a healthy diet).
Steven O.
I like workouts that are tailored to my fitness level so that it’s challenging but not too hard. I like Fitbit Coach and I’m trying out Fitbod this week. I also like MAF heart rate training for cardio.
Daniel Y.
Walking is simple and easy
I love pilates
Stretching and yoga
Anna Lena F.
The exercises I like to do to stay in shape is to alternate running or walking and yoga. I do each three times a week. I will also do some HIIT strength training intermixed during the week to improve my strength.
Dean P.
I like running because it makes me feel good and it gives me a purpose. It challenges me and makes me stay in control.

Doris Z.
I live to cross country ski, usually at lunch time. Unfortunately there's only a limited number of days per year when there's enough snow to ski.
Shawn W.
I like to go to the gym and do aerobic and anaerobic excercises… Treadmill, elliptical, steps, and weights… Other option is home routines or running
Norman Y.
For over all health I have been finding weight lifting twice a week and running 4-5 days a week seem to work well. I try for one long run 1-2 hours (I will settle for 45 sparingly) and my goal is to make one short interval run every week – it every other week. Currently… Seem to only manage it every other month. My weight lifting routine is mostly hitting upper body and core machines at the local gym. Whatever they have available is fine.