How often, during the week, should I exercise?

Adele O.
Hey there! I think this really depends on your goals, type of exercise, and energy level. Broadly speaking any exercise is good, and whatever you like to do is best! At the MOST, if you want to do more intense cardio or strength training, do five or six days and leave one or two for rest. You can absolutely do less than that and simply walk, dance around, or otherwise make sure you get some movement in on the rest days and you will still be healthy, and see improvement in your fitness. Be flexible, follow what feels good to you, and maybe start small and build from there. 🙂
Betti M.
Personally, I prefer exercising everyday, at least for 20 min. Try to make it something that you do eveyday just like eating😅❤️
Floyd E.
That depends on what your goals are. If your goal is to be limber, then frequency is best at multiple times a day of welcoming movement through your whole body. If you’re looking to have a body transformation, like losing weight, or gaining muscle, you will need to increase your frequency and intensity. Diet is a larger factor than people give it credit for. If you’re looking to lose weight, decreasing your caloric intake will be a larger contributor to you reaching your goal than going to 9Round and extra day of the week. If you want to bulk, then you’ll have to seek out the advice of a personal trainer, as that is not my expertise. Wishing you luck on your journey, friend. 🙂
Florent A.
I used to do it everyday. Then I stopped for a long time. It was a shore. I am now reintegrating it into my routine. I’m trying to make it a pleasurable habit.
So I don’t force it. Once a week Pilates takes care of stretching everything. Long leisurely walks outside count as exercises. Every other day I feel like I have the mental ability and desire for press ups. And I do it. So far, so good
Floyd C.
Up to you. Most people depending on their goals, time, and type of exercise should do so 1-6 times a week. If it’s low intensity and shorter, then more frequently
Francis E.
Fabulous makes a part of your morning routine. To establish it as a routine, any exercise counts, even a minute. Trying to do SOME exercise daily as part of routine is good. Once you are motivated and it is part of your routine, you can get more inventive. For your body, a half hour or more is better. Alternate routines with stretching or yoga and weights and cardio. Take one or maybe two days a week off, but try to get it incorporated into your routine.
Carol F.
I try to exercise a little each morning after I meditate. It's easier once if becomes a healy habit – a way of life. It also makes you feel good.
Bertram A.
You should try to exercise daily, but if that’s just not possible, do it anytime you’re not busy. Get up and do it when you find yourself mindlessly scrolling through social media, or binge eating out of boredom.
Birte G.
I exercise 5 days a week. Everyone’s body is different meaning everyone’s exercise routine will be different. there’s no right or wrong way, just do as mich as you can without over doing it or wearing yourself out.
Elisa C.
I think that exercising should be done for a reason. I mean…if you only need to feel energised, every day a little bit. If you want to loose weight maybe a personal trainer could tell you better.
Andrea J.
So I have decided to exercise everyday and I cannot believe I decided to ! I really bought in to the water, exercize and breakfast routine..all before the sun comes up or it doesn't get done and these are such good things fir me. I have slipped a day here and there, but I really want this to become routine
George T.
It really depends on your goals and expectations as well as your fitness level. If you are a beginner I would suggest 30 minutes a minimum of 3 times a week or 4-5 days of short (around 10-15 minutes) but intense interval training. High intensity interval training (HIIT) can sometimes give you better results than longer cardio sessions for weight loss and muscle toning. The Fabulous app has some great hiit exercise examples to follow but if they are a bit too intense for you try 30 minutes of brisk walking or jogging 3 times a week until you build up the stamina for a more intense workout.
Julian Y.
The most important thing is that you introduce a base exercise that you do very regularly, like cycling to work or having a walk during lunch break
Kurt U.
As often as you can! Do squats while you brush your teeth; do knee pull-ins while sitting at your desk! Get some light yoga in before bed at night! However you can fit in a workout, do it!
Kate Z.
I would say you should every day as long as your body feels good if you notice in usual aches or pains then that's your body telling you to take a rest day
Hans Peter B.
Start where you are. If you aren’t exercising at all right now, start small with short 10
minute walks and 10 minute strength training then build up to where you can walk for over half an hour and strength train for 40 ish minutes
Tommy O.
I want to exercise everyday. It doesn’t have to be much. It should only about 45-1 hour of commitment at minimum or 1.5hours at maximum, so I will make sure to fit it into my school schedule somehow from now on.
Silas C.
It depends on you and your schedule. If you have time do it everyday. If not start off with two days a week and then go from there.
Lison C.
Start with 3 to 4 times a week if you aren't used to exercising but overtime you should try to exercise 5 to 6 times a week
Tatiana C.
Ideally weight bearing exercise 3x a week and cardiovascular exercise 3 x week On your day off go for a nice walk to give your body recovery time