What are some easy to do exercises (at home) that are also great for calorie burning?

Daniel Y.
Mountain Climber, burpees, tuck jumps, jump lunges, jump squats, commandos, jumping jacks, plank jacks, walking plank, and high knees
James J.
Depending on what I want/need to do I always stretch first, and then if i’m looking for cardio i’ll dance or use a jumprope. If I want more of a workout workout, i’ll do calisthenics such as pushups, sit-ups, wall-sits, etc
Donata Q.
Crunches, planks and if you wanna know the easiest exercises at home then download Fabulous it’s a app for people to exercise from home and the best thing is you can set your routine . I love this app
Katie W.
HIIT workouts or some at home cardio are great for calorie maintenance. Strength exercises add muscle which will tone and improve muscle strength and coordination. Muscle burns more calories than fat does so incorporating a few strength training moves is always a good start.