Do you usually do the same routine or amplify it by the day?!

Lea Z.
Well, it's more like the same type of a daily routine, but in a bit different way. For example, when it come to activities, I trust my mood and thoughts, so I can choose the exercises, or walking, or dancing, and sometimes the cleaning as well 😉
Mar A N.
I feel like changing your routine is better although it’s better to keep until your ready to try something new like a new habit so yea sure id change my routine for the better 🙂
Mar A N.
Yes, I do the same routine every morning. I've done alot of reading and all.of it said that repetition is your best friend
Teresa Z.
No. I don't do the same routine everyday. I find myself to be more attached when I do alternatives each day and depending on my situation.
Mar A N.
I start small, usually with the same steps, but the moment they get ingrained I start adding new things that help me throughout the day
Miriam O.
It depends, some times because of school and sleep schedule, i might procrastinate but i do have a routine and i try to follow it as much as possible.
Luna O.
As a very routine person I like doing the same thing every day. At least partially. For example, ice begin my day with a 4 mile walk/run with my mom and a walk with my dad to work then I can come home chat with Mum for a few hours before her work and that is the beginning of my day. This routine has made me very happy and feel very connected with my parents so it really sets up the rest of the day, even though I have less hours to be productive, to be a very positive experience and leave me happy and grateful at the end of the day.
Mar A N.
I have found that isn't about having a routine, but about acknowledging each task completion. Doing the same thing over and over again may become mundane. Wake up, make the bed, eat breakfast, dress, and go for a walk. We need to recognize that in our daily routine we've checked off 5 tasks before starting work because with that level of productivity, any day is limitless.