Do you have any good self calming techniques?

Thea P.
One of the things I like to do is choosing a positive word that will set the mood for the day. For instance – today I feel/am confident. And whenever I start panicking and think about that word, but usually if I repeat this word few times during the day, then my day usually ends up being great beacause I dealt every challenge with confidence.

Mads F.
If it’s a situation where I have the ability to do so, I slowly count to one hundred. That way if it’s a time where I’m angry, that gives me time to calm down before I say, text, or do something that escalates things

Gabriela T.
Conscious breath, time spent in nature, dance, meditation, physical exercise, music, gardening, incense sticks, aromatherapy etc.

Nerci Q.
Think of yourself as being untouchable. You, substracted from all the negative energy and panic, are happy, content, ok. And you are untouchable, because what could anyone really do to you? None of it is the end of the world. It is your choice whether you let others interfere with your happiness and equilibrium. So train yourself not to let them anymore. Breathe in, breathe out, and realise that you don't have to stress. In the end, it's gonna be ok, either way. It's never the end of the world, so why let it mess with you.

Ps. Sometimes even mentally saying "Get over yourself" to the people inflicting the stressful event helps. Why should anyone have the power to mess with your well being?
If it's about the pandemic outside now, focus on what you have control over, on what you can do to nourish your mind and soul, and leave the rest to the side. Thinking about it won't change anything either way, so why do it?

Ian B.
I try to change my focus. I'll deliberately think about something unrelated long enough to calm down (even though whatever was going will keep popping up like an intrusive thought, a distraction kind of decelerates my thought process) and then I just kind of gradually reintroduce the original thought back into the forefront of my mind (like distracting myself back from my distraction) so I can work my way through it a little at a time. I also like to just analyze and pick apart the things that bother me, so I'll excuse myself from the situation and just prod at it until I have a better understanding of it. I compartmentalize a lot of things, it's remembering to deal with them afterward that's the hard part for me lol.

Andrea S.
I was taught this meditation recently: imagine a thread going from your belly into the ground, and you feeding energy into it. Then imagine a new thread going from your belly to the sky, and you feeding energy into it. Try to keep the balance between the two. Now imagine the colour which most reminds you of healing and calm, and try to gather it around you in your mind. I find that these helps calm down.

Garcia C.
put some calm music and breath, maybe try to sleep or think about the giel i like and how she makes me rlly happy. Or simply, laying on the floor with warm lights and lofi/jazz hip hop mixes

Harvey Z.
I call my self calming technique my “remedy”. What I do is make myself some tea, light an in-scent, rub some lavender oil on my temples, chest, and nose, then I start to take a few deep breathes to center myself to feel my own energy. It works pretty well for me!

Urien P.
Reading helps me, writhing down my thoughts but i massive help is just breathing and focusing on my breathing, putting technology down and just breathing for a few minutes

Michelle J.
Breathe. I often use the breathing meditation on Fabulous. Focus on your breath and re-center yourself. When you feel tension in your mind or in your body, breathe to release the tension. Let it melt away. When you notice your mind wander, gently bring yourself back to your breathe. Show yourself forgiveness and love, first. Then allow yourself to forgive and love others.

Licelima C.
I have tried running and it really makes you calm. I recommend running with Nike run club app. Yoga is also influential. Try doing yoga at home with "yogawithadriene" youtube channel. Also some songs really calm me down. Like: imany-slow down
Vabel – nimaamin