What can you do to push yourself pass the ‘i want to stop’ sensation?

Courtney N.
How I push through the not wanting to do a certain thing a certain day is by reminding myself why i started in the first place and examining my goals vs my reasons in that moment about why I want to stop. As an example, Is it taking too much time in the morning, we'll if I don't work on my health I won't be here as long so I need to prioritize that time.
Przemek C.
I imagine successful people and realize that they go further no matter of what… so if I want to achieve a success I should be like them. I ask myself: do I want to achieve success or I want to be an average person? Answer is obvious so I keep trying to gain small goals first
Troy P.
Just the mental part of being consistent, working hard, doing the right thing even when its hard to do so. As long as i keep pushing knowing whats ahead i can do anything.
Abby U.
This is an outstanding question! I suppose it takes a strong enough ‘why’; a clear and engaging and alluring enough vision- of what makes the long term result far more rewarding and worthwhile than the short-term comfort.
It may help to remember too, that doing things the way we’ve always done them will always bring the exact same results. Do I want to continue being stagnant, stifled and unfulfilled, or in this short precious time that I have on this planet, do I want to experience, enjoy and accomplish the absolute best that I can from life? Will I face agonizing regrets in the end, or the joy and satisfaction and gratitude of living and loving well; knowing I lived out my purpose and destiny and brought tremendous value to this world?