How long do you exercise in the morning?

Norah Louis
Just a few weeks ago, I started again, after several years, exercising every day. So I am at the very first step: at least five minutes, although there are mornings I do more and mornings where I do less. But I try to do some exercise at the very least 2-3 minutes.

Kayla Gregory
I walk for 4 miles:) It generally takes me 1 hr and 15 min!
Then it is DONE before the heat of the day and harmful su rays 🙂
I also listen to books while I walk!

Clémentine Garnier
Based on what I need. I could be doing yoga for 5 until 20 minutes. In the other day I can do 7 minutes workouts and could running for miles

Tracy Franklin
Depending on the day, if Austin and I are working at Dollar Point, he will drives us down to the beach and I will walk my way back up to the pool which is a very nice and steep walk and it takes me about 15 minutes or less to get up to the pool. A great morning low intensity workout . I would like to start lap swimming (20 laps) when I can or do some yoga for 30 minutes or less.

Liliane Trommer
dnes celú minútu 🙂 troška neskôr lebo som musel ísť do obchodu kúpiť panvicu. a napriek tomu som si o 12:30 zacvičil 💪🏻

Pierre Blanc
I do not exercise in the morning. I found that evening exercise works for me much better. I do 40 mins on the Elliptical at 9 PM, every day.

Daryl Taylor
About 20 to 30 minutes. I like to get my heart rate up a few times during each workout session or else I don't really feel that my workout was very effective. A little interval training if you will.

Adrualdo Araújo
In the morning first of all I go for cycling 5 to 7 minutes than after some stretching exercise and after that I perform yoga for 30 to 45 minutes.

Silje Møller
It depends on what day of my routine it is. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have a routine that takes about an hour. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and either Saturday or Sunday (it switches based on my weekend plans) my routine takes about 30 to 45 minutes. My long days are my strength days, my short days are for cardio, and both days get a smattering of flexibility work.

Cristofe Da luz
I exercise from 4 to 15 minutes depending on how much time I have. If I have a lot of time, I salsa dance through getting ready in the morning. If I don’t, I choose one of the short, intense work outs from Fabulous.

Djalmo Da cunha
Right now my form of morning exercise is walking my dog. I have to be at work early so I don’t have time in the morning to do a real work-out. We walk for 10 to 15 minutes

Noe Masson
I work out for about an hour, 4 days a week, but I am in law enforcement, so my job depends on my fitness. For regular people, I think it is important to find exercises you enjoy (running, weight lifting, Jui jitsu, biking, etc) and do them for a reasonable time. That is more sustainable than doing something you hate for a long time.

Freja Christensen
Between 20-40 minutes depending on if I have a run as well as a short exercise routine. Once I’ve built up to running each day it’ll be 40 minutes a day, then more as I’m able to run longer distances.

Nicklas Mortensen
I exercise for half an hour because I follow an online program. The program helps me to keep my motivation. I like to accomplish something on a linear fashion.

Daniel Pedersen
Personally I started out just doing 20 Pushups, as soon as I wake up after my glass of water, and that was it. Just doing 20 Pushups every day and then I'm done. Then, after that, it got easier to think things like "well, I'm already exercising, so I guess some crunches wouldn't hurt…".

Essentially, once I got the basic habit established, it was easier to extend. Now i just do exercise for around 4-5 minutes. I know it's healthier to go for longer, but I'm confident I can expand that routine further.

Herbert Ford
About 10 minutes typically. Sometimes I do more, sometimes I do less. It depends on how I feel. The most important thing is that I do it every morning even if it’s just for one minute

Brent Romero
I found for me, it wasn’t about time but PURPOSE. I needed to do something on my checklist. For me, that’s walking my dog! And it’s definitely at least 30 minutes every time we go for “walkies.”

Lester Henry
10 minutes. I usually just make a couple sets of sun salutations or dance to some songs and throw in some squats or push ups. Fabulous have a very nice 7 minute exercise routine that’s very energizing, I’ve done it too. I try to have a few options to choose from and as long as there has been any physical activity after getting up, no matter how sweaty, I do some crazy celebration moves and feel great.

Amelia Griffin
I like to walk in the morning, usually about a mile to a mile and a quarter. It takes me about 25 minute but it’s a relaxing walk that helps me focus and center myself for the day.

Katrine Mortensen
I only exercise for 1 minute this month because I’m just starting out. Next month 5 minutes and the month after 1/2 hour. But as long as I exercise in the morning it’s a good day

Ian Nichols
Depends on the morning. Sometimes it’s 5m of dancing around while I get ready or just walking to work if I don’t want to break a sweat. I’m trying to do something rather than nothing.

Isaiah Daniels
I wake up, take a few swigs of water, and run a lap around 2 blocks. Takes like 15 mins. That said I work a phisical job and spend a lot of time lifting and wandering around with appliances. The big thing isn't the time it takes, it's just doing it till it's done. I try not to work out to a time limit even if I go to a gym. Your primary focus should be pushing yourself just a little further, not really the time it takes.

Marilou Lefebvre
Right now for this experiment I have kept my routine really small. 25 jumping Jack's and 5 modified push ups. That's it. Because when I think about a 15 minute jog or a 3 sets of whatever exercise it wears me down before I start. But thi I can do it takes a minute or two and I can add in extra sets once I get started but every day I do this and it's working.

Maxime Lambert
I’ve been exercising at least the 8 minutes in my Fabulous routine. If I go for a walk, it’s usually 15-20 minutes. If it’s dancing around the house, it’s about 10 minutes (the first 4 songs of a Lizzo playlist on Spotify).

Raymond Gilbert
So i was doing really good in may but my goal is 5 days a week for t least 30 mins. Mon thru fri . today i have been here a hr

Amalie Nielsen
I just started the routine of exercising in the last couple months and it started with walking my dog for 30-45 mins throughout the day. Then I slowly started doing an at home stair stepper for 1-5mins to beginning. Then today, I actually went to the gym and did the elliptical for 15 mins and ran outside for like 5 or so minutes. So intense I'd say 20-30 mins and walking probably like 45 mins a day. The walking is routine, the intense exercise isn't… Yet!

Brooke Lawrence
Im more of an evening person so i try to get 1000-2000 steps in before work, but i find i am more motivated to put a proper effort into my routine if i work out after work and do a bit of light activity before bed.

Adiles Moreira
I began walking 4000 steps and increased 500 steps every 2nd day.

I also practice some pranayama and so light exercises.

I have just taken a Gym membership. I will be starting Gym soon.

Simon Poulsen
Today 12 minutes, I did a quick yoga morning routine. Sometimes I go for a run with my daughter and that is usually 25minutes.