How do you deal with exercise?

Karen T.
With the exercise I feel better and some words I donโ€™t understand so sometimes it is difficult to understand but I enjoy practicing something like that
Kim Z.
As a person who plays sport, and is very active, my favourite type of exercise is to play that sport, dont just kick a ball around though, you need to do drills with running in them. But if you dont play a sport, then my best type of exercise is definitely running, I'm terrible at workouts :(.
So maybe get up early tomorrow, and go on a nice run, then have a healthy breakfast (remember dairy is always the best after exercise)
And then that will make you happy with yourself for the whole day. (A tip for running, make sure to breath!)
Most importantly, you got this! I believe in you!x ๐Ÿ™‚
Peyton T.
Well, I usually go for a walk or for a run, but now when the weather isn't really nice I do some workouts at home ( mostly cardio). I exercise with videos, Pamela Reif is my go to ๐Ÿ™‚
Marziyeh U.
I chosed sth easy running and I love it I run every day and when I became so tired and hopeless I tell myself it will take time just go on six months later you will be a runner
Elenore J.
I like a very structured work out routine. I like to start off easy and work my way up to harderthings so I fo not get burnt out
Julio Y.
I am not the exercise person. I made a decision to walk 5 km a day. It takes me 1 hour daily off my vacation time. It seemed impossible to me, but really I started having fun to walk out, put on the headphones and just keep walking. I get the precious time to listen to the Rich roll podcast which is great. I feel much better about myself and not giving up. If I can do it that means anyone can. For real. Good luck to you. You can do it too. G.
Bita X.
First of all, exercise is not and should not be a struggle to deal with.
As a personal trainer myself, the most important thing while selecting exercises is having fun and making them enjoyable. Individuals are very different in terms of kind of exercise that they enjoy. Read about different kinds of exercise : cardio/HIIT/weight training/pilates/yoga/ SAQ/ core and balance training , individual and team games. Evaulate which type you can enjoy more depending on your personality. Just because someone has suggested you to walk everyday doesn't mean it's the only way to be active. The important thing here is to be as active as you can be with available resources that you have. Walking is cheapest and yet the most recommandable for most of individuals except for severe diabetes with damaged feet nerves. For all the rest it's the best way. Select your favorites, mix and match, buddy up, journal your progress, have a daily/weekly/monthly schedule of your favorite exercises and remember, losing weight or staying fit is not a goal. It's a wonderful side benefit of exercising. Staying healthy and active, physicallly engaging your body anf growing stronger, having stronger heart, bones, muscles, joints and tendons are the goal. If you think and inform yourself about how much you can get from exercising you will never say deal with it but you can't get enough of it ๐Ÿ™‚
Abraham E.
Well I like to be healthy and in a good shape, focus on that especially on the healthy part and you'll get through it and incorporate it into your daily routine
Melissa N.
It should be a daily thing and building up the habit makes it easier to do once itโ€™s part of your daily life, then you can build up around it.