I prefer stretches and gentle movements in the early morning. My cardio comes later in the day. Do you think getting the heart pumping is better at certain times?

Sherry F.
Blood pressure is supposedly highest at 8 am, so that would probably not be the best time to do cardio. I would recommend sometime in the afternoon (I read that exercise, in general, is best from 12-2 pm because brain oxygenation is lower then). People supposedly have good coordination at 5 pm.
Bre Z.
What matters most is moving in general. Doing cardio earlier in the day helps you avoid excuses later in the day so as long as you're able to stick with it you should be ok
Massi E.
I fond myself more inclined to do cardio in the morning. It takes a lot for me to get my blood pumping for the day, a simple mile or two and a cardio exercise after is enough to get my energy up and ready for the day. I also am not usually hungry in the mornings, so by doing a more physically tiring task, I build up an appetite so I can start my day with a healthy meal.
Modupeore Z.
Well…I have not really paid attention to the difference, though I do yoga in the morning and the cardio in the afternoon and evening….I also like the yoga because it's slow and allows me meditate in between considering that there is not so much noise and distraction in the morning but the cardio works well in the afternoon and evening puting the noises around me into consideration.
Whatever makes you alert and convenient considering your environment should be considered