What do you usually do for exercise?

Woldemar Z.
I usually take a walk since my activities, also, I try to avoid the lift, instead, I rather going up by feet. But I want to try start dancing coreographies of the music that I like.
Karen N.
I have a standing plan for 3 days a week with my sister to walk with her and her dog, so I am accountable. Otherwise, I dance – especially when I play music while cooking dinner.
Beata F.
I go to postural training with an instructor. It's the best type of training I've tried in my life. It cirrects my posture and makes me feel healthier and stronger.
I also do yoga.
I play beach volleyball.
I play padel.
I dance.
I swim in the ocean.
I hike in the mountains.
Aarti O.
I just do a 10 minute exercise because I think if you give your exercise even 10 minutes it's still you giving your part of the day to it. Exercise is important, it doesn't matter how much..