I find more difficult to keep up with my diet at nights. Why is that happening and how can I change it?

Nina U.
I used to be in the same situation, where I eat everything bad for my body at night or just have a very unhealthy dinner. Planning ahead really helps because then you’re looking forward to eating what you’ve planned to eat.
And if you’re the type that binge on junk at night like I used to be, replace it with some fruit or unsalted and unflavoured nuts, plus go to be early.
Jason N.
It’s harder after a long day or after work. Do things to make it easier in advance, such a buying easy options to make in advance or preparing your night meals earlier in the week. Make it easier to stick to your diet than to deviate.
Dareen L.
I think you should just think of the diet that you are being healthy person and when you be healthy you will lose weight and your health would be better
Rosalie J.
For me personally when that happens it’s because I have eaten enough during the day and am still hungry or I either stressed of anxious about something. You may also be dehydrated. Sometimes your body confuses hunger with thirst, I try to drink water every hour and have little snacks like fruit every few hours. If it’s stress or anxiety, I take a little time and reflect on my day and see what was the cause of my anxiety and try to make it better the following day. Hope this helps!
Birgit N.
We have to take decisions all day long. Starting with what clothes to wear, what meal to eat, whether wo take the train or the bus, etc. Thus, at the end of the day our brain is quite exhausted and doesn’t have the power anymore to stay strong when it comes to new or tough decisions. Try to establish routines that don’t require your brain to think a lot.
Anica Q.
At night you may be distracted by thoughts in your head and even may feel anxiety (for the next day events, for example). Try to totally disconnect an hour before your sleep (no TV, no games, no phones and social networks). Just read a book, or listen to ambient music / audiobook. To fight the hunger – drink more water, it will decrease your hunger and also help you feel refreshed in the morning.
Lisa N.
Maybe you’re tired and your body wants calories to stay up longer. Or if your last meal is early you might feel hungry later. I try to have an evening routine after dinner. Tea, reading and meditation.
Peyton W.
At night I usually have a snack but I make sure it is a healthy one that I like. If that fails I usually chew some gum so it sort of feels like I’m eating but not actually eating if you get what I mean? Xx
Shaun S.
It’s because I mindlessly eating because I think I need to. Just laying there on the phone watching TV you get a little bored so to do something while you’re bored is to aimlessly eat. Which then you’re flexing to eating more drinking more sugary drinks less sleep and then not good for your health. Need to start finding ways to be less bored. If you feel bored watching videos on the phone or watching TV get up you know Exercise for a little bit or take a walk around the house downstairs. Then come back and lay down you might feel much better after that drink some water
Rawad X.
By the end of the night, my willpower is significantly lower than what it was in the morning. That's because of all the decisions we do during a day, and we feel like we deserve to relax at night after a long day of work. The key here is to plan for these dips in willpower. If you have a healthy, filling meal ready, and all you have to do at night is eat it, it's more likely that you won't cheat at night.
Annemarie X.
Maybe check your thirst levels and ensure you have eaten sufficient carbohydrates to suetain you by around 7pm… you might be able to stick to a protein and nutrient rich diet in the evenings this way