How do you treat a twisted ankle?

Maja N.
Keep it elevated unless it is painful to do so, then just rest it in whichever position is the most comfortable. Take Ibuprofen/Motrin to help with the swelling, maybe using ice if the ankle starts to swell. Remember to keep ice/ice packs from resting directly against the skin by wrapping it in a thin layer of fabric like a tea towel or a t-shirt.
Bernard J.
Try flexing and extending your feet like a dancer. Roll out your ankles. Ibuprofen, ice, and rest. If you have to use it then try kinesthetic tape.
Jennifer N.
I have done this many times! My best advice is keep the ankle elevated, ice for 20 minutes at a time, 3 times a day, and take Advil twice a day for the pain. Try to stay off of it, but as the pain gets better, try to move it a little to gain its strength back. Good luck and healing vibes to you!
Sara T.
ice, elevate, take homeopathic arnica internally, take turmeric root internally to minimize swelling, apply arnica ointment or oil externally, wrap with ace bandage; rest if possible and don’t work standing up for long periods.

Eating strawberries & pineapple will also help minimize swelling; Vitamin C for bruising.

If really bad, crutches & air cast can be used.

Randall F.
Cool it with an ice pad or something similar. Gove yourself some rest and treat it nicely mot putting too much weight on it.
Lilian O.
Go to the doctor's or try wraping it with an ace bandage. Ice it 10 mins off and on, while keeping your foot elevated as much as possible.
Lore C.
You rest it. That's the most important thing. One reason is that it's weaker now that it's injured and, being weaker, is more susceptible to being injured again, thus taking even longer to recover.
Elis Q.
Rest the ankle (use crutches if needed)
Ice the ankle for 20 to 30 minutes every 2 to 3 hours for the first 2 days
Compress (wrap) the ankle lightly — not tightly — with an elastic bandage or ankle brace
For the first 48 hours, elevate (raise) the ankle higher than your heart whenever you're lying down. If symptoms persists go to yout doctor.
Barry J.
I normally pop on an ice pack and try to keep the for elevated. I definitely skip a day of training just to give myself 24hours to rest
Laica W.
R.I.C.E. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Try not to do anything too strenuous, ice 30 mins on then 30 mins off, if you have a compression sock you can use that to keep down the swelling, and elevate it… that means keeping it above heart level. Ibuprofen or another anti-inflammatory can help with pain… if it's bad enough consider a brace! Also, make sure it really is just sprained. You can have a hairline fracture where the muscle connects to the bone, if it pulls on the bone too hard it can crack or break. If icing and elevating isn't helping consider talking to your doc!
Dragica S.
Elevate your foot, ice it, wrap it tight but not so thight that your toes turn blue. After about 30 min remove the bandage. Rest the foot for a few days but try to but weight on it as soon as possible. You have to keep the muscles around your ankle your strong.
Elise Q.
Elevate the foot, cool it and rest. Try to make small up and down or circular movements if it doesn't hurt, this will help the swelling go down. If you can put weight on it, stabilize it with a bandade starting the wrapping from the toes towards the ankle. Wrap it tight, but make sure circulation is good. For rehabilitation do balancing exercises standing on the hurt foot, this strengthens the muscles around the ankle.
Max Q.
Some rest, ice as much as poss in first 72 hours, strap it up to support it initially, and elevate as much as poss to stop swelling. When feel able got to strengthen using physio. Anti inflammatories or steroid injections work well but not offered on NHS
Brandy Y.
Lots of ice, rub with arnica oil or icy muscle rub twice a day. Then apply bandage for support. Try and stay off the ankle
Anthony Q.
I’m not a doctor but I would use the RICE method. Rest, ice, compression, and elevation. That will get you started, but seek professional medical attention if it’s not getting better.
Katrine C.
Rest is the only way. Stay off the ankle and wrap it up for support. Then physical therapy. – Once swelling and tenderness goes away.
Porf Rio Q.
You should put ice to the twisted place as soon as possible after the accident.Then be careful while using that ankle and try not to force it.
Selma P.
It depends on which way the ankle was twisted. If it was twisted from medial to lateral(inside to outside) then wrapping it from outside to inside with stirrups followed by circular wrapping will help relieve the strain. But if it was twisted from lateral to medial then wrapping it with stirrups going from medial to lateral will be the most helpful