Does anyone do exercises from other sources or are Fabulous members supposed to stick with the exercises scheduled in the Fabulous lineup of scheduled routines that seem to be speciallly designed for Fabulous team member usage?

Alice Z.
I actually have yet to try any of the Fabulous exercises. I don't have a lot of private exercising space, so things like that aren't immediately available to me.
Carsten F.
I do the stretches, and the short 'get moving' exercises sometimes, but mostly i use YouTube videos, there are so,e great ones!
Jc N.
I build a structure around journaling. I started to follow the weather. Simple thinks first, like :" Today was a bit rainy, temperature around plus 5 celsius. Snow started melting, first time this year! Hope it's gonna be a long spring and beatiful summer."

For me it worked like a charm. After the first week, I didn't want to miss a day! First the weather was the main content, but turned really quickly to REAL journaling.

You can use any event/happening you can track. Trains, planes automotives..

Good luck🙏😌

Ami O.
I typically go to the gym for exersize. I also follow yoga routines on YouTube or simple go for a walk for at least 30 mins. The exersize on the fabulous app are good and very convinient to do rather than searching for YouTube videos to follow.
Aldo O.
I do. I do what work for me and what brings me the joy. In the morning I strech and do 1 min exercise from Fabulous. And 3 time a week I workout.
Cathrin R.
Well, I follow exercise routines that appeal to my interest and level of fitness. If adhering to the fabulous designed routines works for the user I would agree that they should follow-through with it until they have found their niche
Nikol V.
No you can use any app at all I use a different app as well! As long as you’re doing some kind of exercise it’s totally fine!
Sheikh N.
I think trying from different sources is better cause that lwaves you with a free space and you can try whatever you want. And be free with you'r schedule. I think fabulous routines are great if you just want to exersice and don't really have a motivation or to achive something but, if you have a goal to reach try different stuff.
Oc Ane Q.
I personally don't do exercises from other sources, I just kinda create my own sometimes. I like to change things up once in a while. Lately it's become more frequent and I'm trying to get it to slow down to have a steady and stable routine/lifestyle. But yes I step out of the lines a little bit sometimes too.
Yuval X.
Fabulous members should try all kind of exercises, see what they like the best and stick to it. Each member loves to do something else and the same exercise won't be the right one for everyone
Logan B.
No even if you don’t do the exercises that the app does provide and you are a member does not mean you have to do the exercises as we all have our own goals when it comes to working out
Greg C.
Yep, the exercises are great from the app, but there are other great apps. Nike trainers, running apps, YouTube, and place like that have great workouts too. As for the reminder part, using alarms, note to self, and workout clothes ready to go are helpful tools.
Alicia N.
I'm not a Fabulous premium member but I am sure you can switch out the exercises. For example if your goal is to get better at cardio you could exercise by running instead of other workouts. Just make sure not to overdo it, so you stay motivated! Maybe you can stick to the timeframe Fabulous proposes but to a different exercise during that time.
I hope you can reach all your goals and be the best version of yourself!
Taline N.
You can exercise from other sources to. But if you follow the fabulous steps you will be motivated in doing more and more exercise and you will stick to it in the future
Svenjus Z.
I almost never do exercises from the fabulous app. I like to do my own routine that works very well for me and I think that ist all that counts 🙂
Amina X.
I think that you can use other work out programs and that it is completely fine. I do that myself and, to me it doesn't really change anything.

I have tried the stretching exercises, but to be honest you can find something better somewhere else and the experience of Fabulous would not change in any way.

Ava N.
You can do what you prefer, But I recommend Fabulous, because it’s a great website And I think it’s best to use Fabulous Also it’s exercises are very nice.
Buris B.
You really should try other sources while exercising, Fabulous has a pretty limited amount of exercises to show (especially if you're not a premium member) and trying out new ways can also brighten up your exercises!
Kassandra U.
It should be on our own timing because life happens and we can not control outside issues like appointments, children, work, etc
Melissa E.
I do other exercises all the time. I like to change things up, so I always either take away or add other things. I'm working on having a more stable life style and routines but your not the only one. It's okay to change it up .
Castro N.
Hey there ! I’m new to the fabulous community, so far I’m really enjoying it .
But aside from their recommended exercises I also keep a gratitude journal. Inside the journal I write at least 5 things I’m grateful for. The more you do it , the more you things you start to become grateful for.
In return when you do this you notice you start having more things to be grateful for !
Aside from that c I’m also huge into manifestation, so I write down what I want in life in the present moment , as if I already have it.
By doing this you trick your brain into believing you already have what you want , and before you know it, it comes true!
You are a magnet , and whatever you think you attract.
Hope this helps !
Madison N.
I personally just find exercises and make my own exercise routine. I feel like your exercise routine should be more personal for you and work for you. Also, because some things that work for others might not work for you and you have to test out different exercises and things to find what works for you and helps you in your journey the most.
Michelle Z.
I use multiple platforms for exercise routines, although I really like the 7 minute workout offered in the Fabulous lineup 🙂
Scott U.
I find that any source is a good source. But it also helps that people that are looking to focus on different types of exercising might not find ot on this app. (And that's ok).
Johanne Z.
I think that you can use any workout or exercises especially from other sources (like for example YouTube). The main goal is just to do something active to keep you energize during the day.
Stephanie E.
I do lots of YouTube yoga and excercise classes. I think there is no "supposed to" but rather an easy opportunity to get it done (not having a routine handy could be an obstacle.)

Do what you love, love what you do…

Weird G.
Of course there are some user use other sources than fabulous for exercises, but i recommend and prefer fabulous members to make exercises scheduled because its more motivating and exciting foe the user …
U mean, those users who use other sources are already good and advanced in scheduling their own duties and needs o they already have ideas and self motivated which help Them to workout!
But i think mostly fabulous users might facing problems especially with exercising .. so if fabulous members help to always give ideas and some trainings which will motivate the users ..
Arian U.
I think you should freely pursue any type of exercise that suits your needs but also trust the fabulous team has some provided in case you have little time or little energy. The most important thing is getting some movement in your day, whatever way helps you best.
Lola Z.
Well, I think that to build the routine that u want, you should use the sorces that best fits you!
So try the ones Fabulous gives, but if ut doesn't work just try other ways of exercising
Francisco Y.
Of course you can do exercises from other sources. In my opinion, Fabulous only tries to give you something to hold on, to orientate on. I think everyone still should feel like they have their freedom with their routine. Fabulous gives you ideas for a set routine/schedule and I guess you are supposed to be a little creative with it
Denise N.
Whatever your body desires and can handle personally i follow other fitness apps and other content on youtube or instagram that’s within my goals weather is weight loss or muscle growth.
Alberte X.
I think any movement is fine. Did the fabulous 7min workout this morning as I was running late and I found it to be quite effective – but I did modify to suit my needs. For example one of the exercises in the routine was “lunges” – I modified this and did kick back lunges in that time space as I can’t seem to master the lunge – and I would rather do a set of exercises that I know I can do properly with good form – than waste 30 seconds performing an exercise incorrectly and counteracting any benefit. Other days I have done my own exercises .. I like yoga in the morning and either do my own flow or stick on a fifteen minute YouTube yoga class. Other days I’ve been for a quick run. I like the apps exercises and will definitely try out more … but I think morning movement should just be whatever you enjoy/ feel like your body needs/ feel like your mind can manage.
Karina P.
I do whatever I feel like. I thing fabulous is only a guide and everyone gets to change it as they like and made acommodations according to their life style.
Erin J.
I just do weight training outside of the ones the app recommends, though I am not paying for Premium so there's not as many options as a Premium member would have.
Bernard E.
Please can you explain ypu ques a lil bit more i don'get it the best. But of the part i can understsnd i think i know what do you mean.
Bia Z.
I think we could alwsys fo both. We don't need to stick to one only because both are much fun! I myself prefer other sources' workouts but that doesn't invalidate Fabulous workout program.
Joey N.
Personally, I use a few other sources but mainly stick to the Fabulous lineup. It’s perfectly fine to use other sources but remember to keep close to the Fabulous’s advice.
Nelson F.
I don’t really like the workout routine that Fabulous gives so I use an outside platform for my workout but whatever suits you best is what you should do.
Harold Y.
It’s perfectly fine to do different workouts , I personally don’t use their workouts . Do whatever you want it’s your journey ❤️
Am Lie Q.
I think you can use fabulous if needed but if not do your own workouts personally I do my own workouts which are more intense.
Aur Lien Y.
I like to use multiple sources of exercise. I use another app that’s just for exercise and also work out with teammates.
Elias O.
I am currely doing the 7 min one but I found some 7 min yoga on YouTube and other workouts . It's up to you. Just keep your timer on so know you it is for that long
Tannaz J.
My exercises are from another source and it shouldn’t be only from this app but if you dont have anything or any source to start with, this app is a good source for starting your exercise routing
Raine X.
I don’t use exercises on Fabulous personally, but rather use other workout apps. Honestly I don’t think it matters so much as to whether you use only Fabulous or other apps, so long as you are sticking with it and doing what is most beneficial to your lifestyle and needs in the long run. 🙂
Rebecc N.
The Fabulous suggestions are helpful for time-friendly exercises but I like to incorporate my own equipment and resources as well.
Bertha J.
Yesterday I did a free Fabulous workout because I am not a member, but today I did a workout from another source. I believe you can workout however you would like and there is no right way to work out.
Grace Z.
I use other sources because they allow me to stick to my routine better as I enjoy them more than the ones offered in-app.
Holly I.
I feel that the given routines and classes are more of a starting point to get yourself into a good routine, however I have found that I enjoy participating in classes in real life that are based near me instead as they ignite a greater passion and sense of achievement on a more personal level
Taciano I.
The exercises can be useful but they’re not an absolute. These habits we’re working on are practices, not absolutes. So, if you find another source of exercise other than the ones provided within the app don’t be afraid to give it a go. I’m writing that as I’m going to the gym. Experiment.
Jane O.
The fabulous workouts are awesome but they don't expect you to only do them. As long as you're moving in one way or another is all that matters so if you don't like the fabulous workouts go for doing whatever you like that gets you moving. I use the fitness Marshall dance workouts on YouTube or take my dogs on a walk. Those are the things I enjoy and really get me excited about working out so that's what I do
Constantine F.
I am just starting out and I heard we are supposed to start out slow. There are periodic practices that I do not track yet in Fabulous like calling my parents or spending time with my partner and kids. I imagine young children could make some of the practices more difficult
Lia T.
You can do any stretches as you like for a minute or two, or even customize your own routine. As I like to think, it's the change you want to see in you!
Kesen N.
I had somewhat of a routine before starting using fabulous, it was one of my main reasons for stumbling upon fabulous. I think the focus here is on behavioural changes, not on specific types if exercise. At least in my current journey it can be a run or a morning dance. I personally run 8K in the mornings, and go to the gym and have sourced workouts just on YouTube or other apps. Fab doesn’t seem to be particularly specific about guiding the physical exercises just getting in the habit of doing it.
Rosie Z.
Yes, I do exercises from my old routine, fabulous and YouTube videos. My routine is a mixture of all three and it suits me perfectly. So yeah, you can get exercises from external sources as well
Madison X.
Hey! I think they just provide those as a resource if you really don’t know where to start. I run every afternoon and personally prefer some yoga in the morning straight after I wake up to get stretched and boost my energy for the day. I source my yoga sessions from YouTube. Bottomline is you don’t have to use the Fabulous workouts, as long as you get moving it’s all good!
Allison G.
I use a fiton app…free to download with multiple trainers teaching multiple classes. And I try to walk daily too. Check it out and enjoy.
Rachelllaa N.
I do exercises from other sources like YouTube. You don’t have to stick to Fabulous exercise routines if you don’t want to or if the exercise isn’t what you need.
Olivia Y.
I don't quite know but I think that you should be able to do any sport that you like as long as you are sticking to your special routine too.
Selina E.
We can do any exercise that feels good to you! I like the routines in fabulous because I don’t have to think about it. But we can do literally anything.
Timeo Z.
It should be open for everyone to make the choice from where we do exercises, but lined up with Fabulous recommendation of type of exercises and time
Sunai U.
i’m pretty sure u don’t have to stick with the exercises on fabulous but it is probably recommended. just remember you can do whatever you want. i hope i was able to help in some way :).
Nufar N.
Yes I do yoga in the morning. I do Yoga With Cassanda’s Morning Yoga Challenge. It’s a 30 day challenge that I’ve been doing for some time, so I thought I’ll stick to it even when joining Fabulous
Josyyy P.
I think they can do whatever exercises they want, it doesn’t have to be from this app. But I do believe that the exercises should be similar to the ones given by the app so you don’t feel overworked or unmotivated to do them.
Jorge C.
You may use other apps and mark the goal as completed in Fabulous at the end of your workout routine. The exercises that come in the app are an excellent option if you have little time or you've just started your journey and want to meet the daily goal of moving with rhythm in a few minutes. Wishing you a great journey!
Marit O.
Other sources should be OK of cause! The best workout is the one that actually happens. I worked out a lot before embarking on my fabulous journey and gathered a lot of knowledge on working out and nutrition and am a member in a Krav Maga association where I got great instructors to train with…why on earth would I trade that for workouts suggested by a non-specialized lifestyle app??
Jessica Y.
While Fabulous offers great exercises, it may not be the preference for all. Any type of exercise is valid, from going on a bike ride to simply taking a walk.
James B.
I don't really bother with their exercises and I project activities I'm just about to do.
For example, I cycle to work or play badminton. I feel happy the way I do this as my exercises and activities are much more energetic than those suggested by fabulous.
Hayley N.
Personally, I do my own exercise routine. However you can do the routines that fabulous provides, especially if you are in a hurry, fabulous provides great short options. The important part of the habit is doing exercise, not doing the exercises that fabulous provides.
Howard S.
I like to mix it up , whatever feels joyful for my body , I ask what my body needs today and some times it’s a hiit work out , some times a nature walk , a lot of times yoga, I draw inspiration from the app as well as whatever I feel like doing. Hope that helps basically I listen to my body and try and make it happy with some sort of movement
Belane N.
I do exercises from a lot of other sources because I lowkey forget about these lol. Like I’m way more likely to do something if I’ve signed up for it with a friend than doing it through the app
Abby Y.
I have my own exercise routine that I put together watching YouTube videos and I exercise according to my schedule because I work in the very early mornings.
Paula Z.
I use fabulous to remember and as a goal tracker, but u do not limit myself with activities, I exercise and meditate according to how I feel at the moment. I think it’s important to explore many sources
Hanna G.
I tend to keep snacking to a minimum, and the snacks I keep in the house tend to be fruits, yogurt and crackers, so I’m not tempted by sweets all the time. I will still buy one treat per week to keep satisfied, but I limit my amount of it per week. I also meal prep, so that I don’t have an option to go out and eat because I have so much food at home. I’ll make 5 salads and 5 veggie packed meals which change by the week, and that keeps all meals healthy and nutritious while discouraging me from takeout and fast food.
Bill O.
I run around a lake 3 times a week, and check the exercise habit as done. I think it is about creating a habit that works for you and you can sustain.
Faith N.
I personally just play some music and dance it makes me me feel so much better than following a routine i just move my body in the ways that make me feel good and that’s more than enough for me
Signe Z.
I use yoga youtube video's, because I believe the exercise should fit my life. The fabulous workouts are way too intense for me.
Samantha Y.
I use the FitOn app as well, the challenges are super fun! And I love the variety and the community that you get with it. But I also make sure I do some sort of exercise that I enjoy for me. So I take dance classes regularly. Aside from that, FitOn has his early been the best, most fun, and most motivating for me personally!

Joyce X.
You can either pick one from Fab (not all of them are unlocked right away) or you can use anything from Youtube. Or even go to the Gym/ yoga class.
The app will allow you to mark it as complete.
Boaz F.
You can use any app. I personally recommend the Nike Training Club app, it has a lot of routines and exercises and crucially it is free.
Carmen P.
Oh no you can do whatever is suitable for you. For instance there may be a few exercises that may be too difficult for your first time so you incorporate another move that will be a substitute or replacement for that specific exercise. Remember this is here for your good so in that you must make it best suited for you. The goal is sustaining and maintaining movement(exercise). So by continuing exercise that is what counts! I hope this helps you. Keep going no matter what!
Karina Z.
I do workouts from otter sources! For example some dance workout clips on YouTube. I know that i will feel good after doing these and i can pick clips with specific lengths to match the energy/willpower that I have that Day!
Peyton T.
They should be able to exercise on whatever all theyn want to but I think it would be better to use a app that has special free unlimited exercises🏃🏾‍♀️🏃🏽‍♂️ for you
Lillie N.
No. You don’t necessarily have to stick with what the app says, although it is recommended you can also do any other exercise outside of the app
Isabella Z.
I dabble with both. If I have enough time in the morning I’ll use one of the guided sessions but if I’m running a little behind, I’ll quickly make up my own exercises (Don’t rush through your exercise though).
Guadalberto P.
It honestly depends on what you would like to change.The Fabulous lineup is designed for a specific member so I would say it is better
Harold O.
I am currently doing the couch to 5k challenge to kick-start my fitness journey. Therefore, I'm using this for my exercise sessions is beneficial for my goalsrather than suggestions in the Fabulous app. Do whatever works for you, that is motivating and at your own pace. Good luck!
Megan W.
Use whatever exercises you like! There are some 10 min body weight exercises on youtube that I prefer sometimes over the fabulous ones. It just depends on the day.
Mathilde Y.
Yes. I am a dog owner so its part of my daily routine to go for walks. I also love yoga and do some simple stretches every morning as part of my daily wake up. I wanted to do more and find it too easy to give up and forget my pledges. Fabulous is helping to motivate me to keep to my goals
Patrick N.
The most important thing is to make it as easy as possible to exercise. I personally used the Fabulous to see what they recommended and then I wrote down what I liked on a notecard. Now I mostly remember what I want to do after exercising each morning.
Shayla W.
Well I never really had any exercise sources before but now it’s nice cause the exercises come right with the app and make it a whole lot easier. I also think it’s helping me.
Gerold R.
Fabulous is just an tool that motivates and reminds you about your daily routines. You're still in control of your life so you can do exercises whenever you want
Lee B.
I don't do any of the fabulous workouts. My best friend's boyfriend is a body builder so I told him my goals and he prescribed a workout schedule to me. So far so good!
Lulu Y.
Good question, I use a combination of exercises: Fabulous, FitON and a few stretches of my own. But I know I would not even attempt anyone of them without my reminder from Fabulous. I have done a little exercise for eight days in row because of Fabulous. It really works.
Adrian E.
I roller skate, hula hoop, or hike as my exercise, depending on what I’m feeling. I think the Fabulous exercises are a great way to help get you started if you don’t know what you want to do or if you don’t know what to do.
Elise N.
I actually have never tried the exercises within the app. As I'm just starting to get used to exercising in general, I just do easier exercises just so I can get used to actually moving. I've been living a sedentary lifestyle and it's very easy for my muscles to get sore.
Mikaz N.
I personally use a youtube video to do my workout exercises. If you preffer to use the fabulous app for workout exercises i highly recommend you to!:)
Neil F.
NO WAY!! I do exercise from anywhere. Whether that is a club or in my back garden or usually from another source, you never have to do the fabulous ones. I think they are overcommitting in making workouts.
Alfred Z.
I think the Fabulous routines are more to help you if you don't know what to do? Personally I use a stationary bike for my morning exercise. I can't do a lot of the recommended ones on this app because I have a bad back.
Jess N.
You can for sure do other exercises! I guess it depends on what you want to do/enjoy. If you're already doing a lot of the Fabulous's exercises, you might not need to add anything else to your workout routine. But if you don't like using the exercises from this app, you can totally do something else

A lot of it depends on your health and health goals.. just make sure you don't over do it and talk to your dr for advice to make sure you're doing what's best for you and your health 🙂

I hope I helped im so sorry if I didn't, good luck 🙂 <3

Sieghard O.
Whether you do exercises from fabulous or not isn’t what matters. What matters is to do workouts that you enjoy and can do. Fabulous gives routines so users have somewhere to start. If you have your own exercise routine, you can do that.
Theresa J.
I wanted to start this week prepared so I meal prepped for it. I made oatmeal muffins as a quick grab and go breakfast since I have to be at work by 7am. I don’t have much time in the mornings to actually sit and have breakfast so these are working out good for me.
Andy Z.
I definitely do my own thing but there is a danger of overthinking it if you go out to research things and end up confused and without a plan when your fabulous time comes around. Best to follow the fabulous material until you have another plan in place
Ana Z.
I don’t use Fabulous workouts, I use the ones I enjoy and that I always find my way back to. I enjoyed them in the past too but I added too many and got overwhelmed. Now I am trying to take it slow, make it a habit first and then add up to it if I feel the need to. I think it’s more important to enjoy what are you doing.