What are the best exercises to lose belly fat?

Christian F.
Cardio – walking, swimming, jogging, cycling. In the gym here are 5: medicine ball slam, kettle bell swing, mountain climber, burpees and dumbbell overhead lunge
Lindamar Y.
Let me start by telling you thst crunches and sit ups are not the awnser. First of all if you want to lose fat anywhere on your body you need to clean up your diet, no processed food or to much sugar, that include bread, pasta, high sugar drinks and fruits or any sweets. Fuel your breakfast with good proteins and for lunch have any sort of veggies/ salad with another protein. For dinner you can have carbs but the good kind: sweet potatoes, potatoes, yam, root vegetable or even wild rice, with veggies. Now back to exercises: any exercise targeting big and multiple muscle groups are key when trying to loose weight. With that i mean squat, deadlift, lat pull down, row, push up- those exercise target multiple muscles at the same time. Cardio is great aswell but can't be done just by itself, since your energy system will become more and more efficient and will need less energy in form of fatburning. Key is to build up muscle thst even burns energy while you're resting. The bigger the muscle group the bigger the energy they need to burn to restore and grow.
Sofie X.
As a start, diet has helped in losing belly fat. Refined carbs and sugary stuff clings on to the belly. The lesser I have had of those and the more water I had, I have had less belly fat. Planks, Russian twists and a few yoga poses have helped me immensely
Alcinda Q.
Any exercise really. The key is diet. Exercise is only half the battle. I have seen people lose significant body fat with minimal exercise. You can start by calculating how much calories you expend daily given your lifestyle and activities. There are online calculators that will calculate your daily caloric needs. Then, eat less than the suggested calories.
Joris Y.
Actually, I don't think that exercise is the best way to lose that fat; control what you eat, 5/6 times a day with good portions, eat healthy and you'll see changes!
Isabella P.
Here is the list of few exercises that will help to lose belly fat
1.Static plank
2. Burpees
3. Hill-toe
4. Military Jump
5. Sideway Crunches (I'd suggest not to do Crunches as they are against the natural position of spine)
6. Scissors
7.Dynamic Plank
8. Best and my favorite vertical leg lifts
Britney Z.
Cardio burns the most calories. Stubborn flabbiness around the belly won't be targeted and removed by an exercises but the under layer will become more toned.
Gil Q.
Core exercises would help lose fat and tone muscle in the midsection. Sit ups or crunches are supposed to help too
Maria J.
U can target different muscle groups with different exercises but there’s no certain way to lose fat in a specific area the best exercises for weight loss are interval training making sure you have a mixture of weights and cardio. Weights and resistance exercises are very important for toning and tightening the abs which could help but best thing to lose belly fat is to cut out all or almost all added sugars.
Mark U.
As we have learned by many different types of programs and research, the best exercises are crunches and other exercises that affect the stomach muscles. No quick fixes as this is a problem area that really benefits from consistency. Diet really affect the success of losing belly fat.
Katrine Y.
I think Swimming is the best exercise for remove fat.Skipping and push ups are also good for removing fat.
Gary F.
I've always exercised a lot. But for a long time, I had that belly pooch. But when I became a mail carrier and walked all the time, I lost it. So I think you need cardio to really burn fat. And try to keep active throughout the day. You can build as much muscle in your stomach as you can, but you won't see it behind the fat. Keep that metabolism up.
Ashley S.
There are different type of belly fat and each one has its own expercise – there is an app called 6 packs in 30 days is recommended
Aaron E.
There is much available online, really, about this topic and I don't think there's a universal answer for everyone. It depends on your type and diet and lifestyle. The only universal, foundational answer to this is: your calorie intake has to be lower than your energy use. As far as I know you can't tell your body to shed fat in the place you want it to. Combine cardio exercises to burn energy with toning exercises to build muscle. Choose whatever type of exercise you like best, otherwise you won't do it consistently.
Tonya S.
Be in a relaxed state🐱 eat more conciously. Eating less often. Take a work out walk to make it more comfortable. Don't be scared to drink sweet drinks. Don't be scared to eat snacks like chips. Drink a filling meal like drink. Breathe. Rotate your neck
Estelle C.
Running 🏃 and sit ups running and burpees running and planks my friend
Jim U.
Walking is the best because it's accessible, it gets your heart to the fat-burning zone, it promotes mindfulness, and lifts your mood, which will help all your weight-loss activities. Walk on hills to get a muscle-toning boost. Do some kneeling or wall pushups to warm up and some gentle stretches to cool down and you've covered all your bases. The best exercise for belly fat burning is the one you can do consistently.
Isac F.
Reverse crunches – cycle twists, holding planks but I think diet is probably more important as exercise will build muscle diet will decrease fat
Selma P.
it's not possible to pick and choose where we lose fat. The body holds fat differently for everyone, although most people hold stress fat around the middle. Reducing stress, exercising consistently, and eating mindfully are the tried and true ways of improving overall body composition. Focus on maintaining these habits, rather than losing the fat. Focus on what you can gain and add to your life, and the more you enrich yourself with these practices, the less you'll a) care about the fat, and b) have fat at all! it will go away as a side effect of making your focus about the improvement habits rather than the "I'm not good enough until I ____" mentality. Show yourself that you are enough, right Now, by giving yourself the health and love you want for others.
Konstantinos T.
I can't say I know really, cause I'm trying and all that I've tried didn't really work. I swim, and although it is a calorie burner, it's not particularly belly focused.
Troy P.
Anything that you love and can't stop doing, do it while you're runnig
Maya U.
Push ups
Any exercise or movement that involves some movement of muscles around the stomach.
Daily walk in nature
Daniel X.
I try to walk at least 3km a day and to count at least 10 000 steps on my pedometer. I have found holding a plank position for at least 1 minute 3 times a week has also helped. Eating well and having a good night's sleep also help. A positive mind set is also crucial.
Marito C.
Sit ups, 5-10 of those, once or twice a day, increasing by another 5-10 every week.. 'works wonders'! : )
Sofie A.
In my experience, walking everyday as much as possible in combination with other activity. 3 quick walks a day seem to get my body leaner.
Billy E.
Any that burns calories…. You can't spot reduce fat using exercise. Studies show that area is usually the last fat to go after a body wide fat loss, so stay lean and avoid "fast weight gain" by sudden and consistent overeating. (Which can build in that area more prominatly)
Marcia Q.
Exercise is not an efficient way to lose weight. Change your eating habits and you will lose weight rapidly. Don't be extreme, just start small. Eat as many raw fruits and vegetables as you can to keep you full, hunger down and blood sugar high. You will notice more energy, and a drop in 20lbs in a month. I'm a personal trainer and a nutritionalist.
Marion U.
Belly fat cannot be targeted with any exercise. Losing fat requires burning more calories than you consume which involve both diet and exercise.
Freddie Z.
My "go-to" to get deep abdominal muscles are reverse crunches. Lay on your back, lift legs and feet toward the ceiling. Using only your abdominals try to lift your legs and feet toward a tiny bit closer to the ceiling. Put your hand on your lower abdominal muscles to make sure they are tightening. Remember, this is just a very little movement.
Astrid X.
Eliminate carbohydrates from your diet. It’s easier to just eliminate than to reduce. Set a goal for three months, not forever. See what happens.
Tiago Y.
Sit ups, if you aim to do 30 sit ups a day you will lose belly fat, remember start small then push past the pain till you can do 30 no problem 😀
Villads Z.
I've heard a few different answers to this, but here's what I remember best. Cardio, or anything that gets your blood pumping will help to burn fat throughout your body. Additionally, working on your core/and will help to define and strengthen the muscles in your belly and make you look slimmer.
Erin J.
Pilates. Focus on abs workout, even short time intense pilates for abs will work wonder to lose belly fat
Sophie O.
There are none. Target area exercising does not actually work. To lose weight, you must work at it with both exercise AND nutrition. Your diet makes up 70% of your health, so if you're looking to be healthier, it's better to change that than exercise.
Mat O E.
Fat is lost evenly throughout the body no one exercise gets rid of fat in any one location. However, the best all around results for fat loss is exercises and well balanced meals and refraining from alcoholic beverages. Try a simple brisk 30 minute walk at least 3 times a week. Turn up the music at least once a week for 30 minute while you clean or fun with friends and dance the night away as well as well fat. Make it fun.
Silje Z.
I’m really not certain but I would say anything to do with cardio, like running or skipping. It’s also a mental game. You have to think every single day of reasons why you love yourself, and also see yourself at your end weight. Focus on what you will look like, but love yourself through the journey.
Benjamin F.
The best exercises to lose belly fat are bicycle crunches, elbow planks (my record is 5 minutes!), tiny leg circles and leg lifts. All these things have helped me a lot! My favorite workout is kickboxing, in which we do all of these exercises in class and more!
Laurie U.
Climb the stairs
Drink plenty of water
Don't eat anything 3 hours prior to sleeping at night
Practice the Islamic fasting ritual
Don't eat to be full but eat just enough to stop being hungry
Nino O.
It is very difficult to lose belly fat with exercise. The belly fat loses is done in the kitchen trough how much you eat and special what you eat. Nevertheless the best exercise is crunches (different types alternated)
Myriam R.
You can't really do targeted weight loss. However, cardio burns the most fat and an exercises build muscle. So cardio+core workout will get you what you want.