What is the best Indian Pre and Post-workout meal?

Allie Bates
A healthy bread and sambar would be good before a workout for some energy. Afterwards, protein of your choice is perfect, like paneer or channa saag.

Vera Kennedy
Pre workout – Generally I believe in having just water as Pre work out meal maybe add 5-6 soaked almonds along with it and start.

Post workout – again start with water maybe along with lemon slice in it. Generally I do my workouts in the morning so after water I have a heavy healthy breakfast such as 2 pcs of dates, 2 egg whites, sometimes upma, poha, idlis, etc. As what we say that we should eat as a king in the morning breakfast.

We need protein intake in any form after our workouts to keep us energetic and healthy.

It’s my observation which I am sharing with you.


Onofre Farias
Pre workout meals should not be too heavy or rich, but at least something with carbs for easily accesible energy. It should also be balanced with protein. As such dhaal makes a great pre-workout meal because it is quite light, not too strong a taste and packed with healthy carbohydrates and protein from chickpeas. A small bit of fruit with peanut butter is also so yummy. Post work out, dhaal could also be good but it may also be nice to have something with a little added protein. Im not a fan of indian cuisine that much so I would generally prefer asian, like a salad with a nice dressing and chicken or tofu. Also a chilli con carne with vegan meat substitute is so yummy and satisfies cravings for something a bit more decadent. Its also always nice to have a reward like a bliss ball or a small part of a muesli bar. Protein drinks can also be a nice treat especially the botanika blends brand.