What kind of routines did you adopt that are not suggested by the Fabulous app?

Faith E.
Meditating before exercise. I get anxiety and this helps calm me down and practice meditation before I move on to exercising which also helps to remove some anxiety.
S L Ne O.
I was diagnosed with bipolar disease ten years ago. To manage bipolar it’s to make sure to take meds and to be able to maintain a routine. Before I had made my own charts with whatever I felt was best suited for my situation.
When I downloaded Fabulous app I just took my old charts and put it into the app and used also some from the app to get really a perfect way to make sure it was what I needed.
Brooke O.
Hello , I think about your question long time , and I try to do this things every day :
1 – reading a book
2- avoiding social media for cuple hours
3- one things doing for myself anything
4- learning english
Katrine X.
Get up to the right side of the bed (put down the right feet first) always 🤗
Breathe before take off the bed
Say hi to my dogs, in a doggi way 😋 on the floor with hugs and kissis💜
And feel the grass in my skin, sit down or stand up
Carole O.
I study languages, regardless if you need it or not: it’s a wonderful way to train your brain and memory! Duolingo is easy to handle and it keeps track of your strike: I am on day 179 and I have only started!
Ian S.
When I wake up, I stretch my entire body and spine before getting up to lengthen my body. I greet my bed, day, self with love. I state my life purpose to myself as a sort of prayer. I clean (e.g. make my bed, tidy my house). I take vitamins and do additional stretches. I also practice piano at night right before the Fabulous night routine.
Peggy E.
Implementing steps into the routine that are important to my life like flossing, or skin care routine by just creating a new routine.
Diego A.
I found the best hobby for me to relive tension during the day: cross stitching. When I was a teenager, I thought it was for grannies so I didn't want to do it, but now I'm addicted. It prevents me from munching while watching TV and it gives me a sense of an accomplishment when the picture is finished.
Margot T.
Another important routine we can immaculate is timings of when we sleep and eat daily. Maintaining this time table, may be not exact but near about, helps the body a lot to control the habits.
Qu Snia Z.
I have taken the time to listen to others and to give them advice on how to make the best decision for the best of health care for them
Mimosa N.
I started a workout routine for my abs called Six Pack in 30 Days. I used it as my 8 minute workout. It takes longer than 8 minutes but I’ve been consistent with it and have noticed results.
Mason E.
Water #1. This one thing has given my brain ammunition for my battles today. I am Drinking more water through out the day. A lot less coffee who knew coffee made your thinking so blurry.
Exercise right after water( hard for me ) doing it though even if it’s marching in place for a song. That makes a desire to exercise more later. Guesswhat ? I’m getting moving earlier. I am changing.
Get up at the same time every day
Meditate(seize the moment)
For you
Relax and center plan the day.
One task completed initiates another challenge to surmount. There you go you grow by creating good positive habits. I’m happy!