Do you put too much pressure on yourself to exercise at a high level?

Bryan C.
No not really, I workout when I feel like it and when I’m ready for it. I don’t wanna put pressure on myself to not hurt myself
Nivaldo Z.
I try to not pressure myself into exercising. On days where I go to work, I know that I will be moving around and working up a sweat the whole day. On those days, I let that be my workout. I literally don't stop moving at work. Really, just try to not always be sitting/laying down if you can help it. Stay moving and hydrated as much as possible.
Alberto B.
I have to. I am a solo parent of a very bright young lady. It is my place to work hard to provide and sustain not only our beautiful house but a safe, educational and fun filled environment so she doesn’t have to feel different than anyone else. I work twice as hard because there is only one of me when most families have two splitting all the responsibilities.
Alfred E.
No I do not wear a blindfold I prefer to simply close my eyes and try to focus myself and make sure I am in the moment without sensory stimulation of a blindfold.
Francisco F.
I think I do. My Dad and my brother are both powerlifters and encourage me to really push myself. I like doing it, but it can be hard to keep up with at times. It does help having them to motivate me though, because it is hard to motivate myself.
Jacqueline E.
Yes, but it's more a matter of time than intensity. I really love a long walk, but I often think that for a walk to do any good, it has to be long. So I'll plan a long walk in my schedule, but if I don't have time for the whole thing, I just won't walk at all.
Rita X.
What I do that might help. I do one day full body workout another day stretching and next day after stretching I do abs or inner thighs or the spot that u want to work on the most. Then u start again from the beginning. Hope this helps
Tim U.
Yes. I feel like I'm constantly trying to not look like a novice, like I'm not new to this whole exercise thing because I'm obviously over weight and am not very active. I'm so worried about the judgement of fat people working. I don't look like those people around me exercising so I frustrate myself with how I'm not like them and I give up.
Eleanor U.
When I exercise, I always try my best to complete my routine, not minding the air loss or pain, I have routines that can be completed, that helps me know that even if it hurts, is not dangerous for my body to push it to the limit
Landon Z.
No, I’m just getting back into it so I will increase the intensity little by little so as to not go too far out of my comfort zone. It also helps with the motivation to do it every day and keep at it.