I have an injury in my knuckle. Should I stop exercising until I fully recover or should I go on doing light exercise without forcing the injury? My doc suggested to observe my body during exercise and see whether my injury gets worse.

Jucemira Q.
My suggestion for your problem is that– do some kind of very light exercises keeping in mind the condition of your knuckle. Observe the condition of your knuckle after doing the exercises.
Of you feel like your condition is getting worse then just leave doing exercise

Other suggestion: just DON'T do exercise for few days but follow your healthy diet

Have a nice day!

Judy F.
It depends,if I have the worst injury I might skip workout but if I only have a small injury(on toes for example) I will continue with my workout
Izzy G.
I would say you could try doing exercises that don’t require you to use your knuckles, such as running, or body-weight leg work that doesn’t require you to hold weights. I would also say to listen to your own body, it will tell you when you’re working it too hard. If you go for a bit with no issue, you can start adding stuff back in, just keep monitoring the injury.
Pelk N.
I think it should be best to listen to doctor’s advice. There are lots of exercises that don’t strain your knees, that could help you keep the habit and let it heal at the same time. Good luck on your recovery!
Weronika W.
It's a good advice, the one that the doc gave you. You should probably be gentle with it and do exercises that won't force it.
Eddie T.
I would avoid using your hands as much as you can for high intensity workouts. You can always continue working out, just let that part of your body heal. Remember never skip leg day, and cardio is important.
Michele E.
I recommend doing exercises that do not involve your knuckle. That way you won’t have to worry about any potential damage you may cause your knuckle while maintaining the habit of exercising you’ve built. Leg exercises are your best bet.