What kind of exercise is easiest for you in the morning?

Am Lie C.
Running, I don't need to think too much about the steps I just go.
I use an app to tell me to increase my speed so I don't need to do anything but feel great in my body

Laudelino P.
Squats are better for me, because they are probably the easiest thing to do when everyone else in the housee is sleeping. Jumping jacks would be another good one but if you're doing this in your room, then it'll disturb others who are probably sleeping. I know that my family loves sleeping in! I usually wake up earlier than the rest which is why I get a lot done. Something thatis good abt squats, besides that thethey barely make any noise, is that just after of them your heartbeat starts rising. What I am doing is that I started with 5 squats yesyerday, and today I am 6 squats, tomorrow I will do 7, etc. etc. Start small, and then go bigger! Right now, I feel like doing 5 squats is a huge deal for me! But later on, doing 5 squats will be a piece of cake!!

Silvester O.
I joined a crossfit box. They have classes at 7am in the morning. Nothing better then some excitement in group, good music en awesome vibes! Love love love it!!

Kristina J.
I love to dance. I don't necessarily love to dance with or in front of other people. My love of dancing is really just for me, just because my body and soul and mind LOVE IT! Dancing makes me feel purely happy and alive.
Some things get in the way of dancing for me, such as my body size and lack of access to structured dancing of any kind. I also sweat like crazy when I dance! I found some extremely fun and short dance along kind of videos on YouTube, and I've started incorporating them into my morning routine. I have been doing 3 each morning, which adds up to 12-15 minutes. It is short enough that I can't make many excuses to not do it, but enough time for me to sweat a bunch, get my heart rate up, and start my morning with that pure joy I get from dancing. When I'm done, I have a burst of energy and optimism for the day!

Tara Q.
Well, it depends. Sometimes it’s a nice half an hour run towards a park in my neighbourhood and other days I just prefer my mat. There is a yoga studio which I love spending one hour of my morning there.

Palma O.
A walk with my dog is my go to morning exercise. Gets my blood flowing and seeing the sun and nature lift my mood for the day.

Mary E.
I find it easiest to do some yoga in the morning, as it allows me to stretch out after a long night of curling up and lying on my sides, and it also allows me to get a decent workout in while centering myself for the day ahead

Melanie J.
I go for a quick run around the block with my dogs and then thirty minutes of high impact exercise during the week saturdays tonthe gyn abd Sunday kick boxing

Albenisa A.
Going for a walk. Sometimes I tell myself I will go for a walk knowing I will actually go for a run. Otherwise I use darebee to find trainings programs. He trick is to start out easy. Remembers everything counts!

Lucy T.
I guess any work out that’s quick. the longer the work out and the more inconvenient the tougher it is to stay consistent for me

Zada Q.
I struggled with this for a while. I tend to fall through the hole of starting an exercise and being pumped for about 3 days then stop because it's uninteresting. I've found while using this app that the best start up for me in the morning is simply a walk. If I get out of bed and walk for about 20 minutes every morning I find I'm then motivated to do a fulfledged workout after. I try to mix out my workouts with different types of classes. This way it's something new and refreshing to look forward to every day. Usually in the weeks rotation I will complete classes that consists of pilates, yoga, HIIT and mma. You can usually find videos on YouTube or you can join an inexpensive class app!

Rich X.
Easiet is a sun salutation before I take my shower, and then to walk to work (or at least get off the bus early and walk across the park).

Anne O.
I like walking in the morning or stretching. Yoga is nice, but not always feasible for me since I'm still learning where to get my yoga videos from and I'm not confident doing a flow by myself.

Sebastian Z.
I find Yoga to be the easiest way to get moving in the morning. Look for sessions that promote your energy and awakening rather than more relaxing sessions. I also try to do short high intensity bursts of exercise like the ones available in Fabulous.

Frida N.
For me, I enjoy doing yoga or a short walk in the morning. Yoga is slow and easy paced. Making it an easy motivator in the morning g to start the day. A quick walk can be as easy as going to your mailbox, taking out the trash, or as great as walking to a nearby coffee shop and getting your favorite drink. Something that makes you feel good and accomplished at the beginning of the day.

Valdira Z.
Morning exercise for me is rooted in simply warming up the body and loosening stiff joints. So I do a short variation of some yoga poses and stretches. To keep it more active I move to the beat of music and let’s my body s messages tell me if I need to speed up or slow down. I keep this short-ish bc I have an established exercise habit in the afternoons that is more cardio/streyintensice. So really I think of my mornings as being a little gratitude experience with my body as we headband into the day together.

Emeline Z.
Starting out? The 1 minute exercise. No need to leave the house. I do counter top push-ups, though. I've been doing it every day for a month now. I'm about to start doing it twice in a row.

Katie P.
Taking my dog on a walk is the easiest thing because I have to do it. Making myself get up a little earlier to walk further or to bring her on a run (though she hates those and can only go like 3/4 of a mile 🤪) is the most successful way I've managed to actually exercise in the morning.

Laly S.
Cardio exercise like treadmill or bike allow me to start slow and increase speed as I wake up. It also helps that not much thinking or focus is required, especially early in the morning.

Aiden O.
Well start with stretching because that is a great way to warm up your muscles. My favorite way to exercise is to do yoga or run down and up your stairs if you have some. Even some squats are great. Or better yet wall sits!

Francisco W.
I find yoga easiest to do in the morning because I can practice in a small space at home. I can also pick the routine (I follow Adrienne from YouTube) before I got to bed the night before which makes it harder to skip – less excuses while procrastinating in bed.

Alfred Z.
I find yoga the easiest to do in the morning. It doesn’t require any equipment or space which is really useful for busy mornings. Yoga is slow which means it’s a nice way to wake up rather then going straight into intense work.

Emeline Z.
A short jog, one of the pre made quickie workouts on an app, or YouTube workouts are my morning faves. I keep it short in the morning to run on time, then do another short activity after work.

Noa Z.
It depends on the time of year and my location. Usually I would say walking is easier, something that doesn’t require a lot of pushing, moderate effort rather than intense effort

Jeffery F.
Ifi get enough sleep and the weather is okay I usually have no problem going out and run for a kilometer or two. If I'm not feeling like that I usually do a couple of pushups, 10 normal ones and 10 for shoulders. It wakes me up all good 🙂

Tristan Z.
A Walk the long way around the block. Just enough to wake me up and get my blood flowing but not exhaust me for the day.

Lea Q.
Jogging or swimming. Most easy to get ready for, and you can just start doing it without giving yourself time to think about it. It helps to overcome any thoughts to procrastinate.

Beate Z.
I really like doing yoga or some light stretching as soon as I wake up in the morning because it’s super easy and you barely need any equipment at all. Also when you’re tired in the morning some yoga is a grey easy way to slowly get you going for your day

Clarisse C.
I train 3 times a week with a fab group of girls at 7:10 in the morning. Being part of a group gives me accountability and makes me show up! I try to do one of the exercise plans on fabulous on the days I'm not raining with the girls, or at least do some stretches.
If nothing else, walk the dog!