Is 35000 steps per day a lot of steps?

Eva J.
It's a LOT!!
I myself walk a lot and I'm very used to it, and still my feed and legs can hurt a bit when i have walked only 24000 compared to 35000.
I will highly recommend slowly training walking so many steps.
I would say 12000 a day is enough, but remember that it's okay to just do nothing or less sometimes. That doesn't mean your weak or lazy.
Remember! Start slow and listen to your body!!
Emo A.
Yeah, for me it is sometimes when I have a lot of things to doy in my day I am used to do between 15000 and 25000 as much but at those days I feel really tired when the day end and I only like to sleep a good time and don't do anything more.As a said I feel productive those days and I like when I feel that but I wouldn't like to get used to walk 35000 steps day for me it doesn't worth anyway