How is exercising every day different from just 2 to 4 times a week?

Maggie N.
It gives you more serotonin and makes you feel better about yourself overall. Plus you get into a routine that is harder to change. If you exercise a few times a week you can choose to put it off but if it’s everyday then you

Maggie N.
I have 2 suggestions:
1). Make a Behavior Change Request (a Harville Hendrix term)…google it…there are form online to print out to explain it and do the prep work. My behavior change request here would be for him to apply a light filter that can be set to filter out the blue light in the evening.
2) Modifed from a retell in support of advise from a therapist concerning upset with a husband. Go sleep in a different room, telling if he's at your home, tell it's time for him to go back to his place. Tell him this gently saying because of your needing good quality sleep, you are taking care of yourself by doing this or sending him to his home. Then, follows the hard part, do it for as long as it takes to change his behavior or not. If he doesn't want to change and sleeping together is important to you, I would re-evaluate any declaration of his love for you.

Maggie N.
Working out every day creates a routine which is way better than doing it casually, its way more motivational and makes you get stronger quicker

Ilhan Q.
I find it easier to dedicate an hour every other day to exercise than five minutes everyday. It just seems like exercise splits my day, as you need to change clothe and shower afterwards, which makes it too much hastle for a 5 minute exercise.