What should I eat before a workout so that I can build muscles and not feel starving after?

Shannon G.
I love eating overnight oats with milk, banana, and chia seeds. I don’t have to eat that much for it to be filling and it keeps me filled through tough workouts.
Constance G.
You are going to want something that isn’t super heavy but will give you energy throughout your workout. The problem is that everyone’s body is different when it comes to when it needs it’s protein to best build muscle. I would suggest trying to take protein before and after on different days and see which ones you see the most results from. As for something to give you energy you can always have eggs or maybe some chicken and a little bit of vegetables to give you energy through the workout.
Alice U.
Eat eggs or any other sort of protein. Proteins are building material for your muscles. If you only after toning your muscle, eat fruits with seeds or bland a super smoothie with kale, blueberries and coconut milk. Drink water while exercising
Marilou E.
Perhaps a banana so that you have something solid in your stomach. Maybe a little porridge, but nothing too heavy. More important I think what you eat after, and your general diet.
Tracy U.
I feel like it really depends on what you're going for with building muscle. I dont know much about intense workouts, but what my husband has recommended to me is that it's better to go into a workout with only a little bit in your stomache, then afterwards load up on lots of protein. Maybe start with an egg and a handful of mixed nuts if you're in need of energy, then supplement with a protein shake post workout as a recovery.
Dolores Q.
Protein!!! Anything with protein keeps you full longer and you should always eat something with protein and carbs after working out to refuel you so maybe some eggs with toast in the morning before you workout and then a smoothie afterwards or maybe just pack a granola bar for after!
August W.
I would start by eating for your workout the night before, this is the time to eat more whole carbs (potatoes, sweet potatoes, whole grains, legumes such as beans, lentils, peas, etc.), so your body has time to convert them into energy reserve while you sleep. During the morning before your workout I would eat something high in protein and healthy fats – quality peanut and nut butters, eggs, hemp, pumpkin, sesame, and sunflower seeds are some of my faves – and adding any antioxidants wont hurt. These can include colorful berries, lightly brewed green tea, dark leafy greens, herbal powders such as moringa, turmeric, gogi berries (whole or powdered), maca, etc. I like to make a smoothie bowl with seeds and/or granola before a work out. Oats are a great food for long-lasting energy. In general, I would say eating a diet of whole foods – chalk full of dark leafy greens, both raw and cooked veg, healthy, good quality fats (cold-pressed, unrefined nut and seed oils, avocados, wild-caught fatty fish, grass-fed ghee or butter, fish oil capsules if supplements are your thing), whole grains and legumes, and organic, grass-fed animal products, if you eat them, has been the best way for me to keep my body feeling supported and energetic, even during periods of high exertion.
Normano E.
Before a workout you have two choices:
1. go heavy on carbs. (Eat rice, potatoes) with some protein (chicken, fish) also great snack pre workout: peanutbutter banana

2. load up with a protein shake and add some extra carbs like oats

Sean C.
Fruit is the best thing to provide carbs boost blood sugar and not leave your stomach feeling full. My nutritionist recommended fruit if your workout is first thing in the morning. Otherwise, quinoa, or eggs is your beat bet for protein before a workout. Eggs have the highest amount of protein for you to intake outside if fish.