How do you warm up before stretching? Especially when going for a run is not an option?

Myasia O.
Well I like to make protein shakes before I stretch and exercise because it gives me a boost of energy! That boost of energy motivates me to want to workout and stretch in the morning so I’ve tried to make that a routine! Working out in the morning gives us a lot more energy throughout the day and it shows us quicker results as the weeks go by! I usually do basic stretches such as the “quad stretch”, “standing hamstring stretch”, “outer/inner thigh stretch” and “arm stretches”. It only lasts for 2 min – so 20 seconds each stretch. Then I’ll workout for 15 min in the morning (I follow Chloe Ting’s workouts! They are easy, fun, and impactful.) After I workout I stretch again and I choose deeper stretches so that I become more flexible. Usually I do 30 sec each pose and I focus on my breathing. I also challenge myself to go as deep as I can each day. See if it works for you ❤️
Mikkel G.
I did not warm up, just body bending after wake-up. I am not familiar wih exercise, so I rather have Mo idea how to warm-up or exercise.
Minnie U.
I typically do yoga to both stretch and build strength. The benefits of yoga are outstanding. No weights required. You can do it inside or outside. I will also do jumping jacks to boost heart rate
Carter E.
I typically do some yoga before any kind of work outs. Stretching *is* the warm up, so I’m kind of confused by your question. Perhaps, shifting your perspective may help? Stretching increases blood flow, oxygen and such to your muscles, making them warm (hence the term “warm up”) thus enabling them to perform better and with less risk of injury when performing more taxing maneuvers, like running or lifting weights.
If you don’t have much space, but still want to get a good cardio work out in, might I suggest jumping exercises or running in place?