What’s a good exercise to do in the morning?

Alba B.
Hemos salido a andar para ir a hacer la compra. Ha sido bastante estresante. Y al volver estaba muy cansada y agobiada. Me dolía la espalda. Pero al menos nos ha dado el aire.
Danielle O.
For the morning, I would suggest a light jog or brisk walk. Maybe even a little dancing to your favorite song. I believe this will help shake the nighttime grogginess.
Jen W.
Walking! ❤️❤️❤️
It’s simple, doesn’t require a strong will and is both relaxing and energizing!
You can go buying bread first thing in the morning and smile to everyone too!
Meinrad T.
I try to get my body moving in the morning, not necessarily striving to a strict exercise routine. I do som squats while I fry my egg, I make some leg lifts while I wait for my coffee to brew and I make som crunches before I open up my blinds. I do organic movements and listen to what my body wants that day.