Do you know any cardio exercises that do not include jumping (for living in an apartment)?

Lina P.
I like indoor cycling. I bought a teeny cheap bike called Progear on Amazon. I use the Peloton mobile app, strap it to the bike with rubber bands and piece of cloth, and with earphones, it becomes a continuously challenging, enjoyable, and very quiet low impact exercise.
Emily Y.
My old gym is offering zoom workouts. But also if you go on YouTube you should be able to look up free cardio workouts. I would also recommend some sort of a Tabata timer type work out where you will increase the intensity of what you’re doing without necessarily jumping. Not being able to jump or run does occasionally make it hard to get your heart rate up, but squats with knee lifts sometimes works for me. Good luck.
Rh P.
Try YouTube search with key words “low impact cardio”. Can do it with the coach. And also can try some yoga!

There are free cardio and yoga apps to download.
Good luck?

Brandy Y.
Hello.I would suggest trying mountain climbing.Yoga,and forearm planks,wall squats,also just regular squats!!I hope this help😊
Emily P.
Yes, I live in an apartment and some of the exercises I do are:
-mountain climbers
-lunges (forward, backward, side, skaters)
-sit up stand up
-commando planks
-russian twists
-wall sits
Add some weight wherever you can and it will increase the resistance and you will burn more calories.
Bety F.
I'm using Fiton app the free version, and it allows you to browse low impact excercises. Also the streching ones are very good.
Nicky Y.
HIIT or FIIT (High Intensity Interval Training it Functional Interval Training). Doing any type of movement you might do with weights but without weights (or very light) for a period of time and at a faster pace. For example, you could a circuit of push-ups for a minute and a half, rest for 30 seconds; lunges for a minute and a half, rest 30 seconds; squat and punches for a minute and a half, rest 30 seconds (repeat 3-4x)
Irina N.
Cardio aerobics steps as step touch, leg curl, knee lift etc. don’t include jumping and still are cardio, especially if you add hands movements too.
Roswita R.
Lunges, squats, pushups, crunches, leg raises, hip raises. Do few reps of each and repeat for 2-3 sets and it can really get your heart going and get your toned at the same time