What’s your favorite 10 minute exercise you can get in no matter what?

Bebiano S.
In reality I walk like for 1 hour …but in morning I just dance to my favorite songs for 7 min..and I love to do both..like I can't miss both of them..i enjoy a lot ♥️🤗
Austin J.
A 10 minute walk on the treadmill with hill intervals. It's a solid half-mile or more walk with hill intervals to keep it interesting and vary my heartrate.
Olivia A.
For me, it is dancing in the morning as I get ready for the day. I pop on an upbeat playlist and dance while I wash my face, brush teeth, and get dressed. I even throw in a few pushups. It really lifts my spirits at the same time.
Ellen F.
Walking. A good walk. No matter what the weather, mood or place you may be. Remember to lightly stretch first breathe and GO. ENJOY 🙂
Jim Y.
Simple exercises that you can do around the house! Squats, lunges, bicycle crunches, if you have stairs learn how to incorporate them in. Or a simple run down your street.
Signe B.
I use the 7 min workout app and am able to do crunches, squats, bridge,jumping jacks,..stretches. The remaining 3 minutes i skip rope
Cindy J.
I've been enjoying the Cocolime Fitness videos from YouTube. They are short, effective and low impact so even those recovering from injuries can benefit. The exercises are mainly catered for those with fibromyalgia and chronic conditions but they can be modified for a wide range of fitness levels.
Jeppe G.
Yoga will always be my favorite exercising tactic because I feel like it not only is a good way to get some exercise in but also is a mind workout, it gives you a chance to think and figure out what you are really feeling.
Terry Z.
A set of ab exercises based on intervals with 20 secs doing the exercise with 10 secs rest in between. With all the exercises it takes me about 7 mins and it’s a really good quick exercise.
Laurita O.
Fitness blender has the best free videos for any length, and if I only have 10 min and no equipment I love to do one of their short HIIT or abs videos!
Malthe W.
Squats and pushups. Build up over time to be able to do 100 pushups and squats in one go. It becomes real hard pushing past 30.

Start the set and rep counts to your current ability and build up from there.

Mathias B.
I like the stretching exercise regiments it does wonders for my back my side stretching is probably one of the best best treatments for me right now
Savannah J.
I can always fit in a walk with my dog. It feels like I’m being productive because we’re both getting some exercise in.
Indira Z.
The 11-minute daily stretches! I have asthma so it's difficult for me to do anything with cardio and I greatly dislike monotony so I find those stretches helpful in at least getting my blood flowing.