How to stop sugar addiction and overeating?

Andr A O.
To be quite honest, I can think of 2 ways: distracting yourself or first sort of switching the addiction to something non sugary, like veggies and hummus or just anything that's less caloric and sugary but still tasty! And then, when you can live without that extra sugar, try and consume less snacks throughout the day, until you have only 3 meals.
Mila U.
Maybe use it as a reward system instead of a satisfactory trend. Make sure you do something absolutely worthy of that sugar and also limit yourself. As for overeating, have structured meals that have appropriate portions and avoid snacking a lot. Discipline yourself to one snack time a day and eat a balanced meal. 🙂
Cj O.
Replace that craving with another one. So instead of eating sugar replace that with something healthy but naturally sweet to ease that craving. For overeating plan meals and replace unplanned cravings to eat with a healthy hobby like working out
Gina Z.
I think the most important thing is not to try to stop *anything, * but to rather *start* with consistency with your golden triangle (drink water, eat a good breakfast, and exercise). It's less effort and will automatically lead to what you are looking for.