What type of exercise do you do as part of your morning routine?

Marion F.
I start out light and do a short walk (30 mins). If you have a dog, bring them on a walk! If you don’t, maybe plan with a SO, a friend, or a family member to tag along with you. You can also do it by yourself! It’s a great time to reflect on your thoughts and think about positive affirmations. 😊
Meriam F.
I mostly do cardio to get my heart pumping. I do 10 min running, 30 squats, mountain climbing, high jumps, jumping Jack's, side to side touching toes.😀❤
Hunter E.
Yoga. I already have a steady weightlifting regimen that I enjoy every other afternoon. Yoga is known to improve mobility and facilitate recovery from strenuous activity, like heavy weight training. It has been the perfect fit so far.
Autumn F.
I do yoga. If I am waking up for the day its power yoga. If I am getting ready for bed after a night at work it's more restorative yoga. But I stretch everyday..
Sophie Z.
I walk the dogs each morning. It gets you out of the house, breathing fresh air, and the dogs love that they get to go on a walk first thing every day.
Chester J.
I’m doing a “Wake Up” yoga sequence that starts with a forward fold and goes through sundial and warrior stretches before a yogi squat and a serpent stretch.
Evelyne Y.
Hi! Usually I do few squats and then I walk to school instead of taking the bus. On weekends I do taichi as well, but the walk works for me the best. 😉
Demi B.
I do a 10 min yoga stretch class that I have found on YouTube. Every few days, I’m planning to change up the video and try another one to challenge myself. I really love the vibe of yoga in the morning as it involves focus and also sets you up for the day ahead.
Ted N.
For me, exercise is pretty important. I go to a gym 3x or so per week. Normally I do weight training or take an indoor cycling class.
Nicky Y.
Most of the time I take a short walk. Anywhere from 10 to 39 minutes. Sometimes on my extra tired mornings I do a yoga sequence that is anywhere from 5 minutes to 20 minutes.
Matthieu P.
Switch Fitness Boxing; it allows me to “dance” to music while honing specific motions that make me feel like I am building myself.
Mehraj Q.
I practice Surya Namaskar series of Yoga everyday. Most people who like the idea of Yoga don’t know about significance of Surya Namaskar. Rather they don’t know how to do it? Doing it 21 times is my way of doing it. Ancient practitioners did a Series of 121 cycles of Surya Namaskar a day.
I prefer this type of workout as it helps metabolism and above all its simple to start. Wear anything and do anywhere.
Just having a yoga mat is enough but that’s also not essential. The floor is enough.
Recently I have started playing some Yoga playlists on Spotify while I do my Surya Namaskar. It helps me focus.
Arun G.
First things first: I start my workout with ➡️warmup⬅️. I make my every single joint in the body moving, then I do➡️ stretching ⬅️of back and legs.
This is important in order to get ready for the exercise.
Then I do ➡️pushups⬅️, each day 1 more than previous one ( but it's not possible always).
Then ➡️pull-ups ⬅️
Then ➡️crunches⬅️
Then ➡️squats⬅️
Sometimes➡️ running⬅️
Sometimes ➡️skipping⬅️
You should always keep on changing your exercises so that your body should treat and wear.