What do you do for exercise when it’s too cold/rainy to go outside and don’t belong to a gym?

Faiza N.
At-Home workouts! YouTube is your friend! And so is your jump rope. I love workout apps like nike training club(free) and sworkit (paid). Try these apps if you want a good workout at home. Good luck on your journey!!
Nb N.
Yoga with Adrienne! They’re free on YouTube. I quit my gym at the start of 2020 and have done a full year of her work-outs since the start of COVID. Highly recommend the 30-day journeys (Home and Breath) which I did during two particularly tough months in quarantine.
Judy Q.
I actually play indoors I never go outside and I can't go to gym.
So you can be creative and make your own club.
You can search on youtube or wherever and download your own exercises. ok👍💪💪
Martina C.
I always dance. There are some amazing follow along videos on YouTube, or you can learn a dance routine or choreography. I find it funny and liberating
Cecilie C.
There are loads of fun YouTube videos with all sorts of exercises! I personally like HIIT workouts like Chloe Ting or Joe Wicks. But you could try dancing or yoga etc. Whatever floats your boat!
Abbie Z.
I usually follow along to dance or workout videos on YouTube. There are lots of different levels of intensity and duration, so I can find a quick but intense workout or a longer, low impact workout. I personally love Fit Body By Ashley and a dance channel I recently found called Dance With Miss Auti.