What is your favorite excercise for the mornings?

Silje A.
Well I think that my favorite exercise to do in the morning is dip planks and bicycle crunches because they just me feel more energized.❤️
Aaron W.
The 7 minute workout. It’s quick and easy and I honestly see results from it. I want to build up my excercise routine to be a bit more robust, including getting my heart rate up for a longer period of time, but the 7 minute workout is the anchor I fall back on when I don’t feel like exercising. It doesn’t feel like a huge burden on my time or energy, especially if I have a busy day ahead of me
Margot Z.
I love to do workouts on YouTube. I recommend going on the Madfit YouTube channel and find one of her pajama workouts. They are pretty low impact, but they leave you feeling pumped and ready to start your morning.
Ally W.
I like to get up of a morning get water and then do yoga and then of an evening at 4pm I go for a run or do a quick workout.
Tamisonel N.
My most favorite is to do the Qigong or Tai Chi in my morning exercise routines because that’s the most benefit exercise for my motivation to overcome any challenges and anxieties about my work schedule during the days.

Qigong and Tai Chi are been developed by the masters of Kung Fu in China more than 5,000 years ago for controlling the flow of energy connected to every part of the body. That’s energy been calling as Ying (the negative energy); and Yang (the positive energy)!!!