I have a hard time remebering to log stuff on my phone. It makes using apps like this hard, because what I’ve recorded is never keeping up to my progress in real life. Any tips on remembering to log progress on your phone?

Trudel O.
I would say to set notifications on the app, to remind you to log your progress. Set them for the time you would just of finished your healthy habit, and soon, you will remember to check them off.. and even feel excited to do so.
Amy W.
Unfortunately, it can be extremely difficult to apply the progress you’re making here into your real life. There’s a quote I read – “Your desire must be greater than your distractions.” If you truly have a desire to change for the better, build habits, and do in real life what you do here, then it’ll naturally apply itself. Furthermore, difficult obstacles may block your path. This does not mean give up, or doubt yourself, in any way. I have as much faith in you as a loving parent would a child. Personally, it took me a while too; you got this though. Grind and push yourself. Try forcing yourself to log and do everything you do here. Keep your head up! You got this just as much as anyone else.
Pop O.
It is hard for me aswell, but i'm trying to make the logging part of my routine, and if i have time, after everysingle task i log on and check what i did