Any tips for quick, high-intensity workouts?

Susana N.
I like to take my bike outfit long and shorter rides. Look up place you want to go to on a map. See the elevations, the kind of terrain they offer and then set a time limit for yourself. One where you have to push yourself beyond your comfort zone but not kill yourself. Otherwise you will take the fun out of it. Alternate between between different paces. On the stretches you think might be too tough, push through. You can do it! Your immediate reward is reaching and seeing your destination and seeing that you made it. Your long term one, feeling stronger on your next bike ride and having to leave the old limitations behind.

I have more tips but this is one of my favorites.

Sersang N.
The seven minute workout is a quite effective and convenient workout if you’re short on time. Fitness blender is another one of my favorite fitness YouTube channels that provide a lot of exercise videos.
Mark P.
I like dancing with weights. Just put on your favorite song on YouTube. use some hand weights and copy the dance moves. you can adjust the weights and the moves use ankle weights as well if you want or make up your own routines!
Kaelen N.
Don't push yourself too hard every single day. Listen to your body and fully enjoy the workout as much as you can. This is the key to a daily exercise habit.
Afrina F.
It depends on what kind ot fat you have, where you have the fat concentrated the most based on that a good and effective exercise routine can be made.