Do you feel like you feed into your ego more than your highers self/ better self? Like going to parties and procrastinating what you need to do? Is that feeding into the ego or is that just being unfocused?

Rosa G.
Yes I feed the impulsive child rather then the sage. I feel unfocused and lazy, but it's how I have coped with my issues all my life.
Eric E.
I feel like my higher self feeds my ego more but that when I go to parties and use substances without clear intent or limits I create a rift in myself. To me it’s being unfocused and when I’m unfocused I lose touch with my higher self and have to work to feel and sense it again.
Quinn R.
I feel like it's both. When you're procrastinating, even if you want to do what you want to do, you just get unfocused and when you realize you can either start immediately on what you're supposed to do or procrastinate even more. If you procrastinate more, than I would call that feeding into your ego and being lazy.
William N.
Yes, definitely I think procrastinating from work in any way would be feeding into the ego. I think that part of the higher self is that it's constantly trying to improve and it would be willing to do whatever needs to be done to meet that goal. Procrastination hinders that development and slowly gives you a mindset that makes you forget your core values and be occupied with momentary pleasure since that's all left. I think the best part of Fabulous is that it goes against this procrastination mindset. By forcing you to act in a non-pleasure way 3 times a day, it also breaks the habit of procrastination and makes me ready at all times to achieve more.
Clayton Z.
I really don't think I have a ego to feed into. I know my worth and know my limits and don't try to act or say I'm any better then what I am.
Johan W.
At the moment I try to focus on developing my self rather than to fulfill my ego.

I would see it not an ego but rather a reward.

Every well done journey deserve a reward.

Mark Ta O.
I don't think going to parties or procrastinating is feeding into your ego. Without socialising, no matter how successful and efficient you will be in other areas of your life, you will be lonely and your life won't feel worth it, your mental health will deteriorate quickly. I think making connections with people is core of being happy, and if that means going to parties, do it.
I'd see procrastinating as something else. That is a bad habit that's triggered by something. It's like lying – you might feel tempted to do it at that moment, but it's not really helping anyone. I believe that is a habit that should be unlearned.
Good luck with your progress, I hope you have a lovely 2020 🙂
Skye C.
I think the answer varies from person to person, but for me, I think it’s more a product of being unfocused and undisciplined. When I am being unfocused and undisciplined I tend to make decisions based on what feels satisfying right in that moment not what is best for my better self. For example, I might choose to watch Netflix instead of walking the dogs because I’m tired and that’s what my undisciplined self wants in that very moment.
Jay E.
It’s both really. I do it because I want to have fun and enjoy my self and forget about my responsibilities. Sometime I want to just chill
Out and focus on what I need to do but it’s get boring and redundant. I rather have fun and enjoy living than be stuck with responsibilities. Also It’s hard for me to focus when I have too many things going on at once or too many choices. I get easily distracted especially when it comes to relationships. After what I been through I’m better when I’m single.
Victoria W.
"Both", I would say… Ego needs to be persuaded for change, otherwise it will have the appetite for procrastination, as it knows very well that focusing will introduce change. So, an unpersuaded ego will take you to parties, just to make sure you do not focus.