Do you do any exercise that isn’t running or yoga?

Eli C.
I use a lot of Darebee workouts and I love them! I can do anywhere at any time and at any pace. They’re perfect if you’re a busybody and don’t have much time in the day.

Magnus Y.
Yes, I use the five big weight lifting movements for strength training over running and yoga. I will do those sometime for cardio and flexibility to enhance my work with the Squat, bench press, deadlift, bent over row, and shoulder press. I good app to train these is 5×5 Stronglifts.

Myriam Y.
Yes, Monday yoga, Tuesday kettlebells, Wednesday yoga, Thursday cross fit, Friday yoga, Saturday stretching, Sunday CrossFit,

Lisa N.
Dancing is my favorite form of exercise. It can be done in the privacy of your own home, any seat your sitting in or with others at an event. Best news is, you don’t even need music ☺️

Benjamin B.
I ride an indoor bicycle. It’s good because I can start slow and sitting down until I go for a little and then I get into it and speed up. When I am REALLY unmotivated I just stand on the mat and move and swing and stretch to start with. I also time vigorous chores (snow shovelling this month!) as exercise.

S L Ne Y.
I found an app that has push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc. challenges. Some you can do each day (sit-ups), some require days off (push-ups, squats.) I've got mine staggered so I can do at least one of the challenges each day. They are easy enough to do when I wake up because I started off with a small number of reps and my app adds reps slowly and manageably.

Paulo F.
I like high intensity interval training. A few super sets in a row gets my heart rate going and muscles toned. With only 20-30 min needed, you get the most bang for your buck with HIIT.

Terry Z.
Hey 👋🏻

No I am not runnin in the morning and not doing yoga 🧘‍♀️ … but instead I’m doing home workouts… which are really good and easy …… I hope I helped you ….good luck …. bye 👋🏻


Werner T.
Yes! I bike ride and also do strength training, which involves body weight exercises and exercises with added weight, like dumbbells. I’m still fine tuning my routine, but I try to do strength training one day and then some kind of cardio like walking dogs (I’m a dog walker) or bike riding or rowing the next day.

Noah Y.
I do daily excersise from sit ups and push ups to some weight lifting available at home. I try to do three different excersises each day, and every week I add 1 to the number of repeats.

Eli E.
Yes, since it is winter and I am Sexton of a church in upstate NY, I am in charge of clearing all the snow on a large urban property. Since the forecast is mostly reliable, I know the mornings that I will need to change my routine to combat the snow. This takes an hour minimum for a light coating of snow. I also am in charge of all the cleaning, which can consist of large areas of mopping, vacuuming, etc. I consciously push myself to increase my heart rate and count reps before I take a break.

Chloe Z.
Of course! Any sports are exceptionally fun and efficient ways to work out, dont forget about them! Also, I personally lift weights as I am trying to build muscle mass and become stronger so that is the exercise that i’m doing! Hope I coukd help give you a few ideas!

Chad G.
Yes! I will admit that when I first began this challenge I thought exercise meant run, walk, use weights etc… but then I had a ‘dance party’ with some kids I was babysitting. We ‘danced’ for 20 min and by the end I was toast. It got me thinking that exercise was less about the activity and more about intentional activity that raises my heartbeat!

Morning dance parties with my husband felt stupid at first but now they’re a lot of fun!

We also play drinking games while watching TV shows… except with activities.

I hope this helps!

Ascenso F.
Yes! I do allstar cheerleading twice a week and physiotherapy twice a week which means that I go to the gym. Except from that I do some conditioning and stretching at home! I think the reason to why I exercise this much is because it makes me feel soo good. All the endorphins and dopamines and stuff like that really helps with my depression and anxiety. I hope this answer was to any help at all, good luck with your journey!

Jack E.
Cycling! I enjoy going on long bike rides from time to time. I also have a stationary stand for my bike that I can exercise with indoors.

Silje C.
Yes, I do exercise from Nike Training Club program. It has balanced programs for all levels of intensity and difficulty.

Leona S.
Yes, I walk every day and I do short intervals of intense cycling and weight training. It’s good to have a mix of resistance training and cardio.

Clara Z.
No, I wanted to do a form of exercise that help with both my mental and physical health. I mostly struggle with mental and yoga is the only one that I feel really good after.

Austin R.
I like calisthenics (pushups, sit-ups, pull-ups, and other bodyweight exercises) because they’re easy to do at home and they are also quite plentiful. The app Seven generates a seven minute calisthenics workout, and if that’s not enough, YouTube has plenty of videos.

Hermann W.
Yes! I looooove dancing! As a brazilian girl, I have a lot of options of rhythm to make the exercise time the best as possible. You should try it! I like to go with funk, pagode, forró, reggaeton and etc.

Marcus O.
Yes.. can’t run due to arthritis in knee, however I do hiking; cycling and swimming. And am hoping to go kayaking this summer.tried it last year and loved it.. would not be a regular exerciser.. however when I do get out .. I love it..€
Just need to push myself to get out in the fresh air

Ralf Dieter X.
Yes, I do a body weight routine a few times a week. I often use the Fitstar feature on my Fitbit to guide me but you could also look up body weight routines online. I recommend avoiding any exercises that twist your back or put extra pressure on your knees or other smaller joints (wrists, elbows). Squats, lunges, glute bridges, and elbow planks are my favorites.

Uriel B.
My exercise in the morning is focused on my core and particularly my abs and chest. On weekdays is 2 X 7 (14) minute cycles/workouts, but on weekends I do 3 X 7 (i.e. 21 minutes).

Ivan G.
Yes, I use an app called 7 minute workout, it's very useful and practical, there's also another app called 30 day fitness challenge from the same company, both of them provide series of exercises that don't need any equipment and can be done nearly everywhere, all you use is your bodyweight, some space and sometimes a chair or a wall.

Meghan F.
Not really.. I get all my exercise needs from doing those 2 exercises.. but I. Waiting on my gym membership to arrive and I will be doing much more then

Jules I.
I swim because it is what I enjoy. It is good for my spirit and my joint problems. I love treating myself to a sauna and jacuzzi when I’m finished. I bring a large bottle of water to rehydrate my body.

Felix W.
I used to love doing group fitness classes at the gym when I had a membership. The best is Les Mill's Body Pump. I've done a few other classes, but nothing compared to Body Pump. It is a phenomenal workout.

Nathana L T.
Not really… those are my favorites. I walk a lot at work, though, and usually do planks, which are sort of yoga, when I don’t have much time to exercise

Holly P.
Yes, I do strength training at the gym 6 days a week. It helps me support my primary exercises I.e. yoga and sprinting(not just running). I dance everyday too for about half an hour.

Alberte E.
I "jog" on a mini trampoline while watching a movie. I get great success in getting myself to do it because I NEVER watch movies when I'm not exercising. I really look forward to getting back to exercise so I can continue to watch the movie.

Bill C.
Sometimes I will dance around the kitchen while I’m making breakfast! It helps to kill 2 birds with one stone and save time. I make sure I continue moving and keep my heart rate up for at least 8 minutes.

Abby Y.
I took a ten minute walk today instead of yoga. Even though it was overcast and sprinkling, hearing the birds chirping and smelling the fresh air helped me not only enjoy the excercise, but it helped me process an issue I’m worrying about.

Ana Lle Y.
Occasionally I’ll practice (professional) ballet at home, and also I like to go to Zumba classes. They’re fun and you can find them in any city in the world.

Ewen E.
Yes! I love to rock climb. A lot of exercise is kind of boring to me but climbing is perfect because it works out your whole body while you’re solving a puzzle!