What are some good exercises, besides swimming, that are good for people who work on their feet all day?

Marie P.
If one is looking to get off their feet, getting on the ground for sit-ups, push-ups, etc. can be preferable to things like jumping jacks or squats. The great thing about standing up or walking all day is that you’re already getting a sort of exercise, which you only really need to supplement. Yoga can be a relaxing, but still potentially intense, form of exercise as well, though it doesn’t get you off your feet.
Maha F.
Just go with the flow and dance . I will feel amazing. A your work indicates physical work it's better to relax. More over you can do yoga.
Davine N.
There are many great exercises! You can to something simple like donkey kicks, sit ups, side to side toe touches, lunge to knees, and so much more! go for whatever you think you can handle, but it’s even better to give yourself a challenge and do something harder!
good luck!
Jaylie Z.
Running is a good exercise for everything but that includes using your feet. I guess just regular workouts or maybe even playing games with friends at the park
Sara F.
I work in retail, so I spend a lot of time on my feet and every night before going to bed I do a quick yoga practice aimed towards my lower body. It really helps!
Johan Z.
I love yoga! You can find a routine that benefits whatever specific area you need or goal you are working towards. I go on YouTube and find videos for whatever area is bothering me or needing attention. Yoga with Adrieelne is awesome. She has so many videos. They are good for any level of experience.
Waldin Lia Q.
I always like Yoga, stretching your body will benefit all of your body, you don’t gave to “exercise “ and get sweaty, just a stretch for your body and soul. You can also take a little walk.
Katharine O.
Biking works the hamstrings and cardio system. Rowing is a great full body workout that's low impact. Floor exercises like push ups, sit ups, side raises, etc., improve core health while getting weight off the knees and feet
Talita D.
Yoga or any exercising more focused on stretching is awesome to relief the tension of the muscles. Pilates is good too and can tone your body pretty well. Weight lifting also helps to improve your posture and handle for time standing up. It all depends on your focus.
Aaron U.
Recently I've started using free weights in the morning to exercise. While I might be on my feet I can work my arms while sitting, or I am often standings in place. The weights still get my blood pumping and I can already feel a difference.
Geruza Q.
Personally I find that yoga is the best all-round exercise: it includes stretching and strength-training, balance, and is also good for your mental health. There are many different styles with different intensities. Or if yoga is not your thing, try pilates.
Stella T.
Yoga is very good, it is especially good for helping to relax at the end of the day, giving time for contemplation and reflection.
Harvey W.
I like Pilates. It is strength training and stretching while working the core. There is an 8 min video on this app that focuses on abs. Very similar to my Pilates classes. Good luck!
Jodi Q.
Tai Chi is a wonderful, gentle form of exercise that might be really helpful for a person who works on her feet all day.

I found some simple, good dvds that go through some basic Tai Chi movements. I highly recommend giving this ancient, Chinese martial art a try.