Why do you think gummy bears are unhealthy?

Tyler Flores
dude. read the reviews on this product. seriously. read them.


Diane Guth
One or two gummy bears are fine to have. But they are also so small that you’re mind begins to think it’s okay to just keep eating them. Pretty soon you’ve finished the whole bag. Not to mention they are heavy in artificial flavoring and glucose

Kaïs Gaillard
I think they are unhealthy because they are just strictly sugar. And sugar is bad for not just your regular health but your mental and sleep health.

Elizabeth Davidson
Sweets are tempting but after a little period of energy they will leave me hungry and facing an energy drop. Also, I don't know how they are made

Amber Franklin
Yes. For 1000’s of years our ancestors ate whole from Mother Earth. Our bodies are not created to incorporate the chemicals that were created in a lab. These same components are not recognised or digested in our body to be utilised in a positive matter. In other words, a gummy bear does not contain any of the micronutrients our body craves and needs to survive.

Anton Neumann
I think that in moderation, gummy bears are fine. But they are processed and contain lots of sugar. Also, I find it hard to eat just a few and end up eating the whole bag. But maybe that's just me. 🙂

Klaus-d. Schönborn
Honestly, because I’m a paramedic and I’ve had too many drunk college girls throw them back up on me.

But seriously, they’re full of sugar and otherwise have no nutritional value. If you really crave gummies, try the Gatorade or Clif ones during or after exercising.

Naja Rasmussen
"Gummy bears aren't really healthy snacks, as they have so much sugar. However, it's possible to make your own gummy bears using healthier ingredients." "Gummy bears are primarily sugar. Although they have 2 grams of protein per serving (which comes from the gelatin), they are primarily empty calories. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), 10 percent or less of your daily calories should come from added sugars. Since carbohydrates like sugar have four calories per gram, this means that most people should consume no more than 200 calories or 50 grams of added sugars each day." – https://www.livestrong.com/article/403012-are-gummy-bears-healthy/

Felix Bell
I am not really sure but I would assume because they aren’t produced naturally and they are assumed to have a lot of sugar since it’s a candy.

Alison Richards
Depends on how many you eat? They are sugary candy, so they aren’t something you can eat mindlessly. Nothing is, but a better choice for a sweet snack might be grapes.

Nicole Wheeler
They're just sugar and gelatin, mostly. Empty calories that don't amount to anything. No protein or fiber. Sweets are good every once in a while, but they don't belong in a well balanced diet

Danny Boyd
They consist of lots of sugar which creates high peaks on your blood sugar. They usually include also many kinds of added artificial ingredients can other ways be bad for your body, mb in an unknown way.

Joel Turner
I think gummy bears are unhealthy because they are full of sugar and little to no other nutritious ingredients. Additionally, they tend to come in a big bag, so it’s easy to mindlessly grab more without knowing how many you have consumed.

Freja Christiansen
Fiberless sugar causes massive insulin spikes, disrupting the ghrelin hormone, by extension making the body crave more food to use the excess insulin.

Judá Souza
When you eat gummy bears you're eating enough sugar to last you for more that a day per serving. The crash from this quick energy will have you wanting to go back for more sabotaging balanced diets in an instant.

Hazel Johnson
Gummy bears aren’t healthy because they are man-made product not an actual food— they’re completely “processed” i.e. full of sugar and chemicals that our bodies were not meant to ingest.

Alison Richards
I would say they aren’t. Just for the simple fact that they’re made of animal by-products, the stuff we don’t normally eat, corn starch and sugar, a lot of sugar.

Anna Andersen
Ho that's yummy but this is unhealthy because the ingredients is a lot of sugar , glucose, coloring, citric, acid and gelatin, if you eat in excess that's a problem for you heart 🙁

Ethan Hernandez
Gummy bears are made out of collagen. So they are good for you based on that. What may be bad is eating too much of them because of all the sugars ,sweeteners and artificial colorings, and artificial flavours, that all gummy bears usualy have.

Jenny Steward
Probably because it is mentally quite easy to eat alot of gummy bears. You can easily loose track of how many you have had.

Tilde Sørensen
Because of the high sugar content they are bad for us but also we can’t always resist having another one until we have eaten a packet. Sometimes things like gummy bears are bad for us because we can’t exercise restraint and therefore our self discipline is also affected

Arnfried Dahlke
Not sure but they might dissolve early in body . They looks like gummy so people who don’t like to take medicine they might feel like eating candy also it’s gummy with various different shapes & characters , flavor and colors .

Adrian Bowman
No food is “bad” in the right amounts. It’s not good to eat a ton of gummy bears because of the sugar content and also the gelatin. But, if you love them, just have a small amount!

Tommy Shaw
They have a lot of sugar in them – or normally do at least. I suppose that sugar free gummy bears generally have some sort of sugar imitation which have also been shown to have negative health effects.

Mary Cox
OK, first of all, I do not think gummy bears are unhealthy per se. It is simplistic to label some food as healthy and some as unhealthy. For someone who is Coeliac, a slice of wholemeal bread is very unhealthy, whereas for most of us it would be perfectly healthy. So there can be individual differences in what could be considered healthy. Beyond that, some foods are more
obviously more nutritious than others. A handful of nuts, for most people, is a healthier snack than a handful of gummy bears. In general, the less a food has been processed, the more healthy it is. So gummy bears are highly processed food with no fibre or nutrients and contain loads of white sugar, as well as all sorts of chemicals for colour and preservatives. So, in general, gummy bears should be eaten in moderation (if at all!) as part of a well-balanced diet.

Kristin Nguyen
Too much sugar and sugar breaks down into glucose and bad fats in our bodies. That takes up the space where we should be adding GOOD nutrients.

Antonina Feige
Because they have lots of sugar which makes you feel hungry 2 hours after consumption as well as it contains trans fats which can cause excessive weight

Alarico Teixeira
There are lots of sugars contained in gummy bears. Gelatin probably isn’t the best either and that’s what it consists of.

Matéo Renard
Gummy bears have a large amount of sugar. They are also small and easy to eat a large amount of them before you realize it.

Becky Bowman
They are not. Bears eat berries and honey all day long.
But do you know what’s healthier than gummy bears?
Gummy bears soaked in votka 😉

Debbie Ross
They're composed of some sort of sugar, and they are also compose of gelatin, which is ground up animal parts that couldn't get used for anything edible( Like the bones/ eyes of a pig/ cow etc) They're very easy to keep eating, but they are not good to keep eating.

Dulcilene Alves
They contain unhealthy sugars that may satisfy your sweet tooth, but also fuel an addiction to that sugar. A few are never enough, there’s always that need for something sweet, and the dreaded sugar crash where you just feel tired and unmotivated.

Jeppe Johansen
Because they are comprised entirely of sugar and artificial additives. They don't even have real gelatin from bones anymore.

Emmie Joly
They are full or highly processed sugars. They are healthy from a wholesome living perspective; when enjoyed as part of a moderated healthy diet.

Noel Costa
I think because of the amount of sugar and the lack of calories it gives you. It even has glucose syrup and artificial flavoring.

Randy Sanchez
Because they are made of a pork gélatine not a vegan one and since it’s unhealthy and it contains lots of artificial colors and artificial things that makes it last long for more than a year that means it’s not fresh it’s not a problem to eat it once a month but keep in mind that every time you eat it you put yourself in a pose that can make you get a bad disease like cancer so try avoiding eating it or giving it to your children

Tibor Wichmann
I don't know if they're healthy or unhealthy honestly, I haven't read or researched about the contents of gummy bears, I don't personally eat them

Bobbie James
Hi! In my opinion gummy bears have too much preservatives and dyes in them. Also, usually people eat them on empty stomach. This causes production of stomach acid and other juices. And if you don't eat a proper meal then the acids will damage stomach walls leading to gastritis and ulcer.

Sophie Byrd
I'm not sure but I don't like processed foods. Anything. If you want to get healthier, eat veggies, fruits, nuts and legumes. Whole-food diet is much better.