I exercise at different times in the day based on my schedule. Do you find its better to exercise at the same time everyday, or just focus on getting exercise in, no matter the time?

Mae O.
Just try to get it in whenever. Maybe you can't right when you wake up or maybe your usual time of day is busy. When you're relaxing on the couch, try to do a couch exercise if needed.
Andrew I.
I prefer doing exercise at the same time everyday as I find it meditative in a way. But the import part is to just do it, get the exercise whenever you can, at any amount. Be consistent and show up for yourself. This is you looking out for yourself.
Jhanna S.
My objective first and foremost for me is to accomplish a reasonable amount of exercise during the day. It may not come at the same time depending on my activities or schedule. As long as the quality of the session is something I'm happy with, whenever it may occur is less relevant to me. I am still beginning, so perhaps with time I can portion a segment of the day for this goal.
Tina Marie Q.
I exercise at the same time everyday and it works for me as I'm able to carve out a slot in my day dedicated to exercise and this time is in the morning before the chores of the day are started.