How do I continue my exercise habit?

Same U.
Like you, I always tend to get eaten by laziness too. But I think, doing something you love before exercising is a good idea to boost your energy to exercise. In my case, I start my day with some music that I can see along and eventually, I find myself having the energy to get up and start some stretching. That's how I maintain it

Irene F.
My morning routines changed during the weekend and holidays. Therefore, my morning exercise will get delayed to afternoon. I made my mind to complete the fabulous path daily and to do so I need to exercise. If I am not motivated, I will do the 7 minutes workout routine from fabulous. Even though I am not able to do it in the morning. I will force myself to do in the afternoon or evening.

Amy Q.
Well, if I’m being honest it’s taken me a long time to become consistent with a workout schedule or regime, and for a long time I’d do exercises for a day or two then I’d get lazy and never do it again. But recently I’ve been focusing more on why it’s important to work out and why I personally want to do it for myself. The best advice I could give you right now – as I’m following it myself – is to think about why it’s, firstly you want rob start doing, secondly why it’s important, and lastly think about the results if you were to put in the work.
Hopefully I could help you I need any way, and good luck for the journey!
You’ve got this ❤️

Daniel P.
Find a friend who also needs motivation. You can help each other by making plans to exercise together.
Find something you really enjoy doing: pilates, dancing, kickboxing, whatever it is! This way, it won’t feel like a chore.

Anya P.
The most simple and obvious answer is to find exercise that you really enjoy. Then you won't have to make an effort to motivate yourself, you will simply do it because you enjoy it!

David X.
I like showering, so I make that my reward for exercising or I make exercise something that must be done before a shower.