Where can you find the motivation to do your workout on the tuff days when you don’t want to do your workout?

Katie F.
On the days I don’t really feel like working out, I don’t force myself to do a complete workout. Instead I find ways to work extra movement into my day which adds up. I’ll do squats while playing with my dogs (picking them up and putting them down). I’ll stretch side to side or do modified Russian twists while watching tv. Even just walking in place while making dinner or brushing my teeth.
Alice P.
I think that if it's a day doesn't have problem to not do workout, but if it's in some relevant day so think how it's the way more creative to do the workout help me. This way I have fun in something I don't want to do.
Leo E.
i just think of the endorphins i feel when i run on the treadmill, and those help me to continue with my strength training. i also like feeling sore after a workout because it means my muscles are getting stronger
Дмитрий Кирсанов N.
It is in my fat, in my desire to be slim, to be pretty-looking, to have it as a shield around me, to have a protection from life troubles