How do you do exercises when you wake up after a party? It is really tough for me to make myself do something good.

Sri Radhika C.
Honestly party nights are tricky. Usually swimming is what I find most refreshing and is a bit more low impact. If you can I recommend doing a walk along the beach or in nature before hand. It can be really powerful. Remember something is better than nothing.

Michelle X.
Drink a glass of water, then a quick cold shower to kick start. After that, either follow through with routine as usual or just simply take a walk/jog (I personally prefer the latter)

Sandro O.
Easy, don't go to parties prior to workout day, or at least don't drink too much alcohol, so you could exercise without fatal risks.

M N.
Usually I don’t 😂😹 The hangover is too bad.. Instead I’ll try to exercise a little longer the next day. This is why I party every two weeks or so only. I don’t like falling off of a good routine. However, I also allow my mind to relax and share wonderful laughs and smiles when I party too 🙂 which is why I also like to keep that in my life. So I’m trying to pick up the habit that if I party and drop the routine for a day, to immediately jump back on! That will allow me to feel more relaxed and “in control” of my health (and being okay with partying, knowing it won’t throw me off of my game😼💪, but instead will just be another fun element to my life😙😗😎

Gudrun J.
I'm still new to this exercising thing lol. But normally in the morning, especially after a party, you're probably really dehydrated, so getting some water or tea is a good first step.
Second, I feel like it's okay if you aren't feeling your best to maybe plan in more of a restful yoga practice or walk instead of something more exerting. So maybe if you know you're gonna go to a party the next day is a restful practice. That's just my two cents though, good luck! 🙂

Ethan C.
Its surprisingly a great cure for a hangover! Even if it doesnt sound like it, drinking loads of water and sweating it out works surprisingly well!

Erin C.
Some exercises I do after I had a long night or an outing is I do some active rest such as walking or yoga. I wouldn’t do anything super intense like intense cardio but that is up to you